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TestRX Review: Is It Really the Ultimate Bodybuilding Supplement?

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The solution to low testosterone levels: TestRX Review

TestRX’s revolutionary take on testosterone boosters (check our list of best testosterone boosters on the market)

Dietary supplements have become a massive industry in the 2010s. The market size was estimated at USD 115.06 billion in 2018 and that number is predicted to keep rising! Whatever your lifestyle may be, there are tons of companies out there advertising that they’ve got the perfect supplement, so how can you tell what works?

The first thing you should understand is that the more recent innovations are leagues ahead of the old school products. Supplements are getting better and better every year, so if you’ve been sticking to the same fish oil and multivitamin supplements since 2005, then you’ve been missing out on some incredible supplements that take full advantage of cutting-edge research and technology.

TestRX is the latest and greatest supplement for reliably boosting your testosterone levels. Built on various bodies of research, it uses a combination of scientifically backed ingredients that have been proven to reliably lift your testosterone production. This idea isn’t exactly novel; a lot of other supplements promise to do the exact same thing. However, TestRX stands out because of its unique formulation. 

Apparently, if you take TestRX on a consistent basis, you can expect better stamina, more muscle, faster weight loss, more energy, and a higher libido. The question is “does it work?” In this article, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look into TestRX and see if it delivers on its promise of higher testosterone production.

TestRX Review: What Is It?

1 Pack TestRX BoostersFirst and foremost, let’s clarify what TestRX isn’t. It’s not a steroid. For the most part, steroids work by artificially replacing your natural testosterone with higher levels of testosterone. While this works out in the short term, its been well documented that continued and prolonged steroid use causes adverse effects to the body. From organ damage to mood swings and depression, to well documented “roid rage”, it becomes clear that long term steroid use is not the best idea for longevity and health. 

TestRX seeks to boost your body’s testosterone production naturally. It does this through a unique combination of extracts found in nature. By themselves, these extracts are already potent enough to boost your T-levels. Together, they create a powerhouse that can transform your body.

TestRX builds this idea around its unique ZMA (Zinc Monotheione Aspartate) blend, which also includes Magnesium and Vitamin B6. In a study, it has been found to significantly increase testosterone levels in NCAA athletes.  It also increases HGH (check our best HGH supplements), commonly referred to as the ‘youth hormone’.

So, what’s TestRX made out of then and why is it so special? Is it really made out of all-natural ingredients? Let’s go on a deep dive on the ingredients that make up TestRX and see for yourself.


1. Zinc Monotheione Aspartate

One of the three cornerstones of the ZMA blend, Zinc Monotheione Aspartate has been found to naturally increase testosterone production. Additionally, it is also a fundamental vitamin for the body as it helps in making sure that your immune system is properly functioning.

2. Fenugreek Seed Extract

One of the more common ingredients in testosterone boosters, Fenugreek should be familiar to those who have been using supplements for some time. Studies have shown that Fenugreek does increase natural testosterone production. It comes as to no surprise then that TestRX has Fenugreek as one of its core ingredients. 

3. Vitamin D3

Also known as “sun vitamin”, Vitamin D3 is naturally made by your body when exposed to the sun. However, in today’s very city-centric world, most people don’t get enough sunlight for their body to produce healthy levels of D3. TestRX includes Vitamin D3 to break that deficiency, as having enough Vitamin D3 increases the body’s natural testosterone production. 

4. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, in conjunction with Magnesium and Zinc, helps in the regulation of estrogen. Remember that hormone production is closely related to each other. Even if you’re focused on producing more testosterone for your body, you also need to regulate the amount of estrogen (among other hormones) in order to do so effectively. 

5. Vitamin K

A well-known vitamin that helps in the reduction of bone loss due to osteoporosis. Vitamin K primarily acts as a testosterone stabilizer in this supplement. Additionally, it has well-known benefits to your cardiovascular system, which is important to maintain and keep in top shape when you’re trying to build your body.

6. Magnesium Aspartate

One of the most essential vitamins the body needs when working out, Magnesium allows the body to process glucose more efficiently. Glucose is the primary “energy reserves” of the body, and having sufficient Magnesium in your body allows it to use glucose whenever the body needs more energy (like when you’re working out).

7. D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid (or D-AA) is an essential amino acid linked with the synthesis of testosterone.  Research shows that men suffering from low testosterone count usually have low levels of D-AA. Boosting D-AA increases testosterone production and solves problems associated with low testosterone count. One study even showed that it can increase testosterone production by up to 60%.

Benefits of Having High Testosterone

It’s a tough world out there with a lot of competition. From home-life, to the workplace, to the bedroom, if you’re not at the top of your game, your performance suffers. Keeping your body in peak condition should be a priority. If you’ve been feeling off lately, maybe low testosterone is the problem. Having high testosterone levels can help you be the man you should be.

1. Better Mood 

As you grow older, you become faced with more challenges. Raising a family, getting through work, keeping up with your friends, financial issues. These are just some of the things men have to think about daily. Even failing in just one of these things can lead to a sour mood, or, worse, depression.  Studies have shown that depressed men usually have low levels of testosterone. While it hasn’t been fully established if this is the cause or the effect, what has been found out is that depressed men who increase their testosterone report improvement in their mood.

2. Improved Muscles

Perhaps one of the most-documented effects of testosterone. It’s well documented how testosterone improves muscles (by increasing muscle synthesis). Having high levels of testosterone not only increases muscle mass but also increases muscle strength. 

Most people equate the two as the same thing but they’re quite distinct from each other. Muscle mass refers to the physical structure of the muscles itself. 

You can measure this by looking at how big your triceps and biceps are, for example. But this doesn’t mean that those muscles are strong. After all, some bodybuilders use steroids that quickly build up muscle mass but not muscle strength.  

Muscle strength refers to how much weight or strain your muscles can take. If you need a visual example, just remember the lanky-looking guy in your gym who’s able to bench-press twice his weight. He might not have bulky muscles, but he is very strong.

3. Less Body Fat

Testosterone has a very important role in regulating insulin, glucose, and metabolism. Most men nowadays have self-esteem issues when it comes to their bodies. Ballooning belly fats are, after all, not a pretty sight to see. 

Having low levels of testosterone means that your body can process and burn your fat and insulin less, which means that they just stay there. What’s worse is that it’s a repeating cycle: Having high fat means lower testosterone levels, and lower testosterone levels mean slower fat processing. This is why obese men are reported to have lower than normal testosterone levels.  

By increasing your testosterone level, you can shed those pounds like nothing.

4. Sharper Cognitive Ability

It can’t be denied that as we grow older, our minds become duller. While we do mental exercises to keep our minds honed, it can’t be denied that, physically, our brain tissues will also degrade over time. There have been multiple research articles that have linked high testosterone levels with slower decay of mental acuity. 

In fact, there has been a study linking low testosterone and Alzheimer’s. There has also been one study that has linked testosterone with lower memory loss in old men. 

5. Better Bone Density

While osteoporosis is more pronounced in women, it can’t be denied that men are also prone to this bone-related disease. Luckily, research came out that says that testosterone increases bone density in men. Keeping your testosterone levels high during helps greatly with preventing frailty and brittle bones as men age.

6. Better Bedroom Performance

Testosterone drives our vitality and sex drive in bed. It is, after all, a sex hormone. Men who have low libido and have erectile dysfunction usually have low levels of testosterone.  

These problems can be a bit tough to talk about for us men. By increasing your testosterone levels, you can prevent yourself from having any embarrassing sexy time problems, keeping your partner happy in the bedroom.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How many capsules are there in a pack?

Each pack (when you buy an individual pack) comes with 30 tablets inside.

How often should I take TestRX?

It’s recommended that you take TestRX at least twice a day. There may be some cases where you can take more than that, however, it’s best to consult with your nutritionist and doctor before doing so.

Where can I buy TestRX?

TestRX is available through their Official Site and Amazon. A variety of other online websites sell this supplement, but be careful of counterfeit supplements. 

Are there any bad side effects I should be aware of?

There have been no documented side effects to taking TestRX as it’s made of all-natural ingredients which have been thoroughly tested. However, if you’re really worried, you should consult your doctor before taking TestRX

Do I need a prescription to buy TestRX?

Nope. You don’t need a prescription to buy TestRX. Just simply order it online (or walk to the counter if you’re buying it from a brick and mortar store), pay, and you should be good.

How long does it take before I can get noticeable results?

Like any other supplement out there, TestRX is no magical pill that instantly transforms your body overnight. You’ll notice an increase in your energy levels in as fast as three weeks. With the proper exercise and diet, TestRX can help you get the results you want in as fast as 1 to 3 months. 

Does it have a money back guarantees or discounts?

TestRX comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the product. The company also provides bulk order discounts, so you’ll be saving more money if you order 3 or 6 months worth of supplements.


So is TestRX worth it? In my opinion, definitely

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for male health and, should always be kept at high levels. The benefits of having high testosterone are immense, and there has been no conclusive research that shows that high levels of testosterone are bad for a man’s overall health. 

If there’s one downside to this, it’s probably TestRX’s price. Yes, it’s not cheap. It’s probably one of the more expensive supplements available. However, when you think about it, the benefits that TestRX delivers are more than worth the cost. You’d probably have to buy 2-3 separate products just to get the results one TestRX capsule gives. And hey, if you’re not satisfied, they have a rock solid support team that’s ready to process your money back guarantee, as long as you do it within 60 days of purchase.