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Spartagen XT Reviews: Should You Get It Or Not?

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Spartagen XT Reviews, Results, Benefits and Side Effects

There’s a huge problem that’s hitting millions of men as they leave their mid-twenties, a problem that they pretend is not happening. Yes, that’s right. When things are heating up and your partner is waiting and ready, why are you feeling a little…unenthusiastic?

Your mind goes through every possible scenario. You only had a couple of drinks. You actually aren’t that sleepy. So why aren’t you excited? The anxiety of not getting a proper erection is only making the whole thing worse. You try to get in the mood anyway, and she says, “It’s fine” but it’s not! It feels like something was taken away from you. It feels like this makes you less of a man. Nobody talks about it, even among friends who may be experiencing the same problems. Who wants to be the guy who brings up why he can’t get it up? 

There’s actually a perfectly natural explanation for all of this: andropause, aka male menopause. Everyone knows about menopause for women, but it happens to men too. Testosterone—the hormone responsible for turning boys into men—starts to reduce when andropause sets in. So it’s no surprise that as you get older, you notice that your sex drive has gone down a bit.

It’s not just your libido that suffers. You may find that you get exhausted more easily, or maybe your muscles feel weaker and you’re gaining some unwanted pudge around your stomach. These symptoms are all down to andropause and the dramatic decline of testosterone in your body.

Why Should I Care About Lowered Testosterone?

Some people would argue that if lowered testosterone is a part of natural aging in men, we should simply let time and nature take their course. But this is not a matter of delaying the inevitable. There are many factors that lower testosterone even in younger men whose levels should be healthy.

One reason would be vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Many of us simply don’t have the time to plan out a perfectly balanced diet that can provide all the nutrients our bodies need, and these deficiencies—particularly the lack of Vitamin D—have been shown to be directly linked to lower testosterone. The increase in food allergies and additives in many of the foods we eat today also sharply limit our options for better diets.

Another factor would be having a higher weight. The amount of testosterone your body produces goes down if you’re overweight. Our modern lifestyles can’t always keep us as active as we’d like to be. Since higher testosterone also keeps your body from retaining fat, it just makes more sense to increase your testosterone from the get-go to stay trim if you’re a little more sedentary.

Even the sheer number of pollutants in the environment can harm your fertility. Plastic pollution has been shown to lower testosterone and reduce sperm count because these plastics have chemicals that act in your body like estrogen. Estrogen is a sex hormone found in higher levels in women, and if a man has higher estrogen, his testosterone levels tend to go down significantly. The tiny amounts of plastic you ingest can’t be helped since they’re everywhere, from your drinking water to the air that you breathe.

Low testosterone levels don’t just keep you from having good sex. It can affect your self-confidence for failure to satisfy your partner. It can leave you feeling worn out at the end of the day even though you haven’t added more activities to your normal routine. It can keep that pudge from budging from your belly. Your physical and mental wellbeing will be deeply affected by a loss of testosterone—studies have shown that your levels go down anywhere from 1% to 2% every year as soon as you hit your mid-thirties.

Getting old isn’t something you can prevent, but fortunately, there are now supplements and medical solutions on the market which can help increase your testosterone. With the sheer number of products making big claims about making you more of a man, we decided to compare them and found one that we consider the best out there.

And by the end of it, we found that Spartagen XT was the cream of the crop.

If you’re interested in getting your strength and confidence back, read on and learn about Spartagen XT, a dietary supplement which will boost your testosterone naturally! (We’ve a review of the best testosterone boosters right here)

What’s in Spartagen XT?

a package of spartagen xtSpartagen XT’s two main components are Red Magic and L-Citrulline. Red Magic is a patented natural ingredient that drives up your libido, resulting in better sex and increased feelings of masculinity. L-Citrulline is an amino acid that your body breaks down into L-Arginine, which is a substance that improves circulation and muscle strength, and does wonders for erectile function and low libido. L-Citrulline will also have the bonus effect of reducing your risk for a heart attack and lowering your blood pressure.

Tribulus is a herb long used in Ayurvedic medicine for improving vitality—these stamina-boosting effects were later on shown to equate to improved male sexual health and energy levels, increasing testosterone production. It’s also said to improve muscular endurance, so you’ll feel less exhausted as you start taking Spartagen XT regularly.

Vitamin D deficiency has scientifically been shown to have a strong correlation to low testosterone levels, so you’ll be glad to know that Spartagen XT has plenty! Vitamin D is also good for increasing your sperm count and overall semen quality, improving male fertility. Vitamin E is a similar booster which also has antioxidant properties, maintains skin health, and supports your immune system.

Vitamin B6 is responsible for cell communication and sensitivity. The more you have of it in your body, the more receptive you will be to absorbing and producing testosterone. Studies have shown that Vitamin B6 deficiency gets worse as we age; and that the older we get, the more of this vitamin we actually need. This vitamin is also water-soluble, meaning that our bodies can’t store extra reserves of this and just flushes it out, so it’s important to take this vitamin every day.

Asian Ginseng has been known to increase energy levels and help fight fatigue, but it’s also widely used to improve sexual health. It’s said to improve erectile dysfunction and reduce the chances of premature ejaculation, making it a fantastic natural supplement for men. 

Tongkat Ali; also known as Longjack and was first discovered in the forests of Malaysia. It has traditionally been used in Southeast Asia to aid male reproductive health and is known for its aphrodisiac properties. It also has a particularly unique plus of improving bone and muscle mass, as well as reducing fatigue.

Magnesium and Zinc are vital minerals that not only improve organ function, but work in synergy with the other ingredients in Spartagen XT to flood your body with more testosterone. Ensuring that your entire body is in good shape is important for your overall physical fitness, and this, in turn, affects your mental fitness. Many people fail to account for these minerals in their diet, and their deficiency leads to lowered testosterone and poorer brain function.

What Can Spartagen XT Do for Me?

The biggest difference you’ll see in the coming weeks is how you’ll get erections more often and be able to maintain them a heck of a lot longer. That’s because Spartagen XT, apart from boosting testosterone levels, improves blood flow to the penis, so staying strong and steady is no problem.

You’ll also start to feel a lot friskier, and this may surprise you in the first few days that this effect hits. This is perfectly normal on Spartagen XT. Your orgasms are also going to get much more powerful and will happen more often. This increased bedroom performance has more benefits than you’d think—regular sex is scientifically proven to contribute to better sleep, lowered stress and anxiety levels, so get to it!

Another benefit is improved muscle strength and lower body fat retention. Because lowered testosterone makes your body accumulate and retain fat more easily, having more testosterone will help you shed some excess weight. You’ll also notice that you feel a lot stronger and that your general stamina has improved.

Whether you work out or lead a more relaxed lifestyle, higher endurance will keep you from tiring out faster during the day. Not only will you be able to lift more weight and run farther distances, but you’ll also find yourself better able to handle the slow and steady grind that daily routines take on your energy.

Your brain will also feel sharper and more focused on Spartagen XT, as the amino acids in it are known to improve cognitive function. You might find that your mind will feel less foggy and you’ll find that instances of forgetfulness or confusion will go down as you keep taking Spartagen XT. The magnesium, zinc, and L-citrulline, in particular, have been shown to help ward off dementia, so this can explain why your mental pickup may feel a bit faster in the coming weeks. The sounder sleep will make a dramatic difference in how you feel too!

Is Spartagen XT Safe to Take?

Yes! Spartagen XT has no additives or illegal substances—just all natural ingredients that will put a little spice back into your life. This supplement was also developed and manufactured in FDA certified laboratories, ensuring that they were made to the highest standards for consumer safety.

Unlike other testosterone supplements, Spartagen XT has no allergens, is gluten and dairy free, and does not use artificial sweeteners or any GMOs. The manufacturers also regularly test product batches to check for consistency and purity, so you are getting a stable product that will improve your libido.

Some users have reported experiencing side effects like peeing less frequently or having slightly oilier skin, but otherwise, taking Spartagen XT properly will not result in any major adverse reactions. If you’re taking any form of medication though, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor in case it counteracts Spartagen XT, or will have an effect on any previously existing medical conditions.

Does Spartagen XT Really Work?

Of course! Maybe your doubts are coming from the fact that it’s taking a while to kick in. Don’t worry—your body is just adjusting and gradually increasing hormone production. Reversing the effects of age on testosterone in your body isn’t going to happen overnight!

Remember that while the difference may not be immediately visible, you have to give it two to three weeks, which is when customers report noticing the differences in their arousal and energy levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to take Spartagen XT if I work out?

Absolutely. If anything, Spartagen XT will improve your workouts, as the amino acids will help your muscles heal faster and allow them to take on a little more wear and tear. You may also bulk up your muscles a lot faster on this supplement. Better blood flow and wider vessels means your cardio is going to get even better, so you may want to think about adding a few extra miles to the treadmill—you can take it.

2. Where can I buy Spartagen XT?

It’s only available online for now on the official website. Don’t buy from third-party sites who could be peddling fakes to you—your health is always more valuable than a few saved bucks, and you have no idea what these fakes may have in them! While it’s a bit more expensive than other options, Spartagen XT is sometimes part of promotional bundles or discounts, so you can cut your costs by keeping an eye out for these deals.

3. What’s the recommended daily dose?

The recommended dose for Spartagen XT is two supplement capsules as your starting minimum within a day, with the maximum dose being no more than four capsules. It’s fine to take it at any time and on an empty stomach, so just remember to take it regularly!

4. What if I’m not happy with this supplement?

It doesn’t happen very often, but if you’re not getting your desired results, you can get a full refund for your Spartagen XT purchase. I would advise you to be patient and give it time before you start expecting major changes to show up. You also have to be realistic about what you can get out of Spartagen XT; exercise and a proper diet will speed up the process and work in tandem with this dietary supplement. To make the most out of your daily dose, you’re really going to need to work out a bit more.

5. How is taking Spartagen XT better than undergoing hormone therapy?

Let’s get something straight: hormone therapy to increase testosterone levels is medically prescribed, specifically because the sheer flood of free testosterone poses many serious risks to your body. Hormone therapy is expensive and can increase your chances of getting prostate cancer, cause acne, make you develop the dreaded man boobs, and might raise the probability that you will develop blood clots.

Spartagen XT is a supplement, meaning that it’s meant to supplement your body’s needs and existing regimens. It’s not a drastic cure-all, but that also means significantly lower risks to your health if you take it. That’s also why you can take Spartagen XT without a prescription.

Hormone therapy is necessary for certain conditions, but for the average older man, it’s not going to be necessary to undergo it. It’s a better option to improve your diet and exercise and take some dietary supplements like Spartagen XT. 


Fight the effects of aging. Let Spartagen XT be the spark to rekindle your bedroom flame and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a healthier sex life. Feel more attractive, gain more confidence, and get back in touch with your masculinity with this incredible supplement.

Yes, there are other choices you could look at, but Spartagen XT sets itself apart with the quality of its ingredients and their unique combination. No other supplement has the special patented Red Magic that we found really makes you feel masculine and virile again. Another bonus is that Spartagen XT has gone through a lot of quality control to ensure that you are getting a safe and effective product.

Though your testosterone and libido go down as you get older, Spartagen XT can keep you feeling younger and stronger. Turn back the clock and enjoy the positive effects of great sex and higher stamina. Confronting this problem may seem hard now, but it’s a lot harder when you can’t get hard! This is the first step towards a better lifestyle, so go to the official site, check out some more information for yourself, and order some Spartagen XT!