Nu Image Medical HCG Drops Review: Your Partner in Fighting the Fat

Finding a good weight-loss supplement is harder than it seems. There are hundreds of really similar brands out there that only slightly differ in terms of quality, effectiveness, formulation, and pricing—it can all be so damned confusing!

It certainly doesn’t help that there are hundreds of formulations out there that claim to help you lose weight but only if you also follow their exercise and diet plan. While exercise is never a bad thing, it can be hard to trust those reviews. How can you tell if the supplement is causing the weight loss, or the exercise plan is?

So we’ve sifted through piles and piles of products on the net and we managed to find one absolutely fantastic supplement that simply melts those pounds away. 

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I present you with Nu Image Medical HCG Drops.

How Your Body’s Fat Works

Before we talk about what Nu Image Medical HCG Drops can do for you, we should take a look at how fat works in our body. Fat isn’t something inherently bad: it’s a way for your body to store excess nutrients, can protect your delicate internal organs from outside impact, and is crucial in regulating temperature, energy levels, and cell growth.

This is why no matter what kind of body type you may have, you’ll always have a little fat in there somewhere. And that’s a good thing! But when you have too high or too low of a percentage in body fat, you can run into all sorts of problems with your health and development.

There are roughly three kinds of fat that can be found in the human body:

  • Essential fats: beige and brown fats. These can be found protecting the most delicate areas on your body like your spine and collarbone, and is the primary source for your body’s energy reserves and core temperature.
  • Subcutaneous fats: divided into white subcutaneous fats and normal subcutaneous fats. There are the small folds that you feel whenever you pinch your arms or thighs. It’s responsible for regulating our blood sugar and produces estrogen hormones in both sexes.
  • Visceral fats: These are core, sedentary fats that collect in our body over time. If you have a bit of a belly or flabby skin starting to collect around your body, it’s a sure sign that you’re starting to grow visceral fats.

All of these fats are necessary for the well-being of our bodies. It’s when they start collecting and settling in our bodies (especially the latter two) is where the problems start, and where Nu Image Medical HCG Drops come in.

So What Exactly Can Nu Image Medical HCG Drops Do?

HCG Drops for Weight LossThis supplement is made from a concentrated form of pure HCG, otherwise known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It’s a hormone that mostly affects the hypothalamus, the region in your brain that’s responsible for regulating your body’s energy levels and appetite.

Once HCG is introduced to your system, it starts sending signals to your hypothalamus to increase your metabolism while simultaneously lowering your hunger levels and burning your fat from within. Nu Image’s formulation targets the fat that isn’t needed (like excess visceral fat) and allows you to trim down your weight with regular use.

In time, the HCG effectively reprograms your hypothalamus, having it settle into a fat-burning mode that you don’t need to keep too close of an eye on. You’ll start feeling the difference in no time, and you’ll see the differences in your body soon after that!

Why (and How) Does This Work?

While the most obvious solution that you might think of when it comes to losing weight is exercise, it’s far from an effective strategy. You’ll certainly lose weight over time, but it’s a roundabout way of attacking the fat. It can often take longer, exhaust you more, and demand more time, energy, and effort—things you may not always be able to spare.

But if you start burning the fat from the inside with HCG, it becomes a lot easier to drop those pounds without too much effort. All it takes is a consistent intake of the formula, some dietary changes to help it along, and some helpful tips and advice from medical professionals.

Who Created Nu Image Medical HCG Drops?

One of the reasons why Nu Image Medical HCG Drops stands out from its competitors is the high standards that the manufacturers follow in creating and releasing their product. Nu Image Medical is a long-running telemedicine provider, with years of experience in helping people lose weight in a variety of ways.

Their support staff of nurses and doctors are always on call and can be easily reached once you start taking their product. Their equipment and facilities are also FDA-approved and medically tested, which gives you an assurance of the good quality of the product you’re getting!

How Do I Take Nu Image Medical HCG Drops?

There are actually three different varieties of the HCG formula that you can take:

  • Oral pellets – pop them into your mouth and you’re good to go
  • Oral drops – best used under the tongue for quicker absorption into the bloodstream, but needs to be mixed together yourself
  • Injections – for those who want a fast and efficient way to take the formula, but generally requires care in application

You can take the formula in a 26 or 46-day interval period, which you can adjust based on your preference, body type, and weight loss goal.

Each purchase of Nu Image Medical HCG also comes with a comprehensive and detailed diet plan for you to follow, depending on the length of your plan.

Now I know I said before that exercise plans and diet books can muddle up the supposed ‘efficacy’ of the HCG drops, so let me make this perfectly clear: The advice in this eBook is optional! By just taking the drops alone, you’ll see definite results.

Where Can I Get Nu Image Medical HCG Drops?

You can easily get this product online via Nu Image Medical’s official website, or give them a call by looking up their number. It’s possible to get this at authorized resellers and third-party vendors, but you have to watch out for the high premium fees that they charge you.

This is important because you’ll have to definitely shell out a pretty penny to afford Nu Image Medical HCG. As a carefully formulated mixture of pure HCG, the quality you’ll be getting won’t come cheap! However, you (and your wallet) can rest easy knowing that the product you’ll have is of an incredibly high-quality, with a dedicated support staff ready to help you get started.

Since it’s a supplement, you don’t need a prescription to get it! Although we strongly urge you to consult with your doctor before you start taking Nu Image Medical HCG, especially if you are on some other kind of medication. There’s nothing wrong with doing your due diligence in being checked out by a medical professional.

How Long Will It Take Before I Start Seeing The Results?

One thing needs to be made clear here: Nu Image Medical HCG works at its best when taken consistently. Your body will need time to acclimatize to the changes when this hormone is introduced; and if you don’t take it properly, it can cause your body to “yo-yo” between body weights. That definitely isn’t healthy!

But if you take the formula consistently, follow the guidelines and tips from their medical staff, Nu Image Medical HCG should give you results in under a month. There are other things that you can do to speed this process, like adding more physical activity to your everyday routine!

And with further use, you’ll get the best effects from taking the formula. Over time, your hypothalamus gradually becomes conditioned to the HCG and starts regulating itself all on its own. After a certain period of time, you won’t even need to worry about getting fat again, as your body will have adjusted to its new hormonal profile!

Final Words About Nu Image Medical HCG

Remember: this is a supplement, not a cure-all. It isn’t meant as a substitute for food and it never should be used that way. While it’s a great method of getting started on your weight loss journey, you need to take things slowly, and not rush toward your goal.

With one of the best HCG drops on the market and friendly, reachable, and reliable support staff, Nu Image Medical HCG is definitely the product of choice for any busy person looking to shed some extra weight. There’s no need for things to be so difficult when you’re trying to reach your body goals, and Nu Image Medical knows that!

So if you’re looking for an easy way to lose weight with expert advice behind you every step of the way, try Nu Image Medical HCG. Your ideal body is waiting for you.