Max Performer Review: How to Get the Best Out of You

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Dicks can be finicky to work with! There are times when you need to perform, but you’re just not up to the challenge. There’s no shame in that; it happens to a lot of men, and the causes vary, from anything between simple nerves to rather more pressing biological issues like erectile dysfunction or testosterone deficiency. Regardless of your issue, natural male enhancement pills can really help!

Of course, since this is an area most men don’t like talking about, there are lots of unscrupulous merchants around who’ll peddle something that they say works, but isn’t any more effective at improving your performance than a placebo. So it can be a challenge to find a pill that actually works, and does more for you than Viagra or similar such products. Today we’re going to be looking at one particular product that promises more than just the usual.

Here’s our review of Max Performer; read on to see what it is and what it can do for you!

The Basics

max performer sex pillsMax Performer is an all-natural male enhancement pill intended to bolster your power, endurance, and performance in the bedroom. It’s intended for men who have been falling short in these areas and could need a little pick-me-up to restore their confidence, and thus achieve a much happier sex life.

It’s made by Silver Blade Nutrition Limited, a UK-based company; so far, this is their only product. It comes in boxes of 60 tablets per box, and the recommended intake is two tablets with water a day, every day. Note that this isn’t two at once; it’s better to take them spaced over the day. You’ll start seeing results after a few days, but the best effects come in after approximately 90 days of continuous use. To avoid developing an immunity to the ingredients, the manufacturer recommends a break of about 1-2 weeks every 3-4 months.

There are three purchase options on their site. You can get a standard box of 60 tablets, good for one full month; or you can get 3-box or 6-box packages. The price on one box isn’t too bad, but it gets even better when you buy them in bulk. The 6-month package offers excellent value for money, because you’re getting it at half the price it would be at six individual boxes!

What’s In It?

A pill of Max Performer is composed of several all-natural ingredients, which we’ll break down so you can see how they work for you.

First on the list is horny goat weed, or to give it its botanical name, Epimedium. It’s native to East Asia, but has since been spread to other parts of the world as an ornamental plant; you may have encountered it as barrenwort or bishop’s hat. Its main effect is to dilate the arteries in your penis, and thus enable blood to flow more freely. It’s the same effect as sildenafil, which you may be more familiar with as Viagra.

Working with it is maca, otherwise known as Peruvian ginseng. Just as horny goat weed has been used in East Asia for thousands of years, maca has been used for millennia in Peru. It boosts libido and helps combat erectile dysfunction; it also boosts energy and endurance, which can really help you feel like more of a man in bed. It helps improve mood by reducing feelings of anxiety, and I found that it actually gives you better orgasms. It even helps increase fertility, if that’s a concern for you.

ginsengGinseng is known throughout Asia to have therapeutic effects, but Korean red ginseng is particularly effective at treating erectile dysfunction. Specifically, it helps with oxidative stress in the blood vessels and tissues in the penis, and thus helps with blood flow. In this way, it works with the horny goat weed to improve performance and keep things stiff. It also boosts your sex drive and your concentration.

Fourth on the list is cordyceps, a parasitic mushroom from China that has surprising applications. Relevant to us is that it improves athletic performance, which extends to sexual performance since sex can be a very physical activity! It also helps with improving sex drive and potency. The improvement of cardiovascular health also helps treat erectile dysfunction and you’ll get much thicker and longer-lasting erections with it.

On their own, each of these four ingredients would be a reasonable treatment for erectile dysfunction. Combine all four together in a solid dosage (you get 1 gram of each, in addition to the other ingredients), and you have the perfect combination to get rid of any barrier to sexual performance!

There are also a collection of other ingredients that help the body along, reinforce your blood vessels, and stimulate cell energy, but these four are the standouts that do most of the work.

Max Performer’s Effects

From the ingredients, you can already get a picture of what a tablet of Max Performer does for you. Physically, it reinforces blood flow to your penis and keeps it erect for longer. With better blood flow into the penis, your erections will be harder and longer-lasting, and may even be bigger. You also get better stamina and circulation in general, letting you perform for longer than before. When you take Max Performer you can trust that your soldier will stand to attention when the time comes. With that worry out of the way, you can focus on your partner and how they’re enjoying the experience.

The ingredients also help boost semen production, so you’ll experience more powerful and potent ejaculations. No more worry about not shooting enough if that’s what you’re after; there’ll be enough to go around.

Max Performer also helps in the psychological side, because it increases libido, focus, and desire. This plays well with the previous effects; not only are you assured that you can perform, but you also want to perform. Since state of mind and sexual performance are strongly linked, this will help you a lot once you step into the bedroom. Both your mind and body will be working in concert to give you a magnificent sexual experience.

Note that Max Performer is not a penis enlargement supplement. The increase in blood flow to your penis can result in a slightly thicker and longer erection as compared to your unaided erections, but this is not permanent. Max Performer will not increase your penis size in any significant way.


What We Liked

doctor taking notesThe ingredient list! Instead of relying on just one star ingredient, Max Performer combines four to create a winning combination. With all four working together and dosed so well, there’s no possible way that any physical problems will still be a concern. This solves so many problems by itself; if you know your equipment will work when you need it to, that’s so much weight off your mind. Plus, the all-natural ingredients also mean that there are no side-effects to worry about. 

It’s available off their official site. A concern many have about male enhancement pills is disreputable sellers and not getting what they ordered, or getting something that doesn’t work. Silver Blade doesn’t go through any intermediaries, so if you go straight to their official site, you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

It’s also on the cheaper side as male enhancement pills go, especially when you’re buying in bulk. Few other pills on the market can match it in terms of value for money. The six-month package is an excellent deal if you decide to go all-in on Max Performer!


The money-back guarantee is a bit stringent. The terms are that you have to have used Max Performer over ninety days and that you’ll need to contact their customer support with a report of your results, among other things. After those ninety days, you’ll have ten days to actually process the return.

It needs time to work. You will notice results early on, but the best results are felt after several months of use. This does mean you’ll have to really commit to it to get the best possible results, so it’s up to you whether the partial success early on is enough, or if you’d rather stay on for the full bonus. Plus stopping early might stop the benefits, if it’s physical problems you’re dealing with.


Uncooperative penises are frustrating at best and borderline traumatic at worst! If you’re finding it hard to get it up in the bedroom then there’s no harm in finding some external assistance to help with the problem – especially when it’s an all-natural solution like Max Performer. It may be expensive, but you can’t argue with the results!

Go on and get yours, and show your lover what kind of a Max Performer you are!

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