Extra Strength L-Arginine: The Perfect Supplement for Your Fitness Goals

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Picture your usual work routine. You spend a lot of time sitting in front of your desk, feeling tired from the long morning commute and wondering what time you can take a break to eat lunch. The dull ache in your back reminds you that you promised yourself to get more exercise and to take better care of yourself. You want to have more energy to try new things.

But with that ringing phone and the piles of papers waiting, where will you find the time? Just getting home after a day’s work is exhausting enough. You want to make some mindful and positive changes to your lifestyle, but it’s always the starting step that’s the hardest. Even cooking and eating healthier food is a chore that you can’t always handle.

Sometimes we all just want that magic bullet that can make our bodies instantly stronger and healthier. Now, there’s no cure-all for everything. Fortunately, there is something you can take that can tackle a huge range of health problems. Supplements handy little additions that you can add to your regular diet so you can get all your essential vitamins and minerals—and one of the best supplements you can take is L-Arginine.

What Is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is an amino acid, which means it’s a building block for protein. Protein is the substance responsible for developing virtually every important bit of your body, from your blood and skin to your toenails. If you tear a muscle or cut your hair, all of that grows back because of amino acids like L-Arginine. Think of it as something your body needs to repair itself and stay in good shape.

L-Arginine is a substance you can get out of your diet by eating more things with protein, like red meat and dairy. But a lot of us skip meals or eat light. You can’t always have the time to check if what you’re eating provides all the nutrients you need. You may be missing out on having enough L-Arginine in your diet because of this, leaving your body vulnerable when you get sick or hurt yourself.

It’s Not Just For Athletes!

Research over the past decade has shown that taking more L-Arginine can make an incredible difference. Bodybuilders take it to stay lean and increase endurance during workouts. Athletes use it to help muscles heal faster, making them less prone to injuries. Whether it’s for better cardio or increased strength, L-Arginine has rapidly become a supplement of choice for active people.

Now, you may think that means only people who do a ton of exercise should be taking it. But that’s not true at all! Athletes and bodybuilders take it in higher doses because they need more of it to get through their routines. However, L-Arginine is something that is made in everyone’s body, no matter how much physical activity you do. That means you can take lower doses of it and get benefits that your lifestyle needs.

Because every single organ in your system needs amino acids, taking more L-Arginine will make your body function better, saving you the time and money you’d have to spend for medical treatment.

A Healthier You With L-Arginine

L-Arginine is broken down in the body into nitric oxide, something which is known to help widen blood vessels. Wider blood vessels reduce inflammation, so your muscles hurt a lot less and your blood flows more efficiently in your body. Better blood circulation leads to more oxygen being passed to all your organs, so they are less prone to infection and damage. The stronger blood flow has also helped a lot of people with fertility problems or erectile dysfunction.

More oxygen for your brain also results in one of the most promising effects of L-Arginine—improved brain function. This improved cognitive ability can actually significantly reduce your chances of getting dementia! Better memory, less brain fog, and reduced fatigue are fantastic effects by themselves, but the peace of mind of a healthily aging brain is too good to pass up!

L-Arginine also helps your kidneys clean your body more efficiently. You will filter out all the salt and toxins from your system a lot faster if you start taking this supplement! Ammonia is known to cause liver damage if it builds up in your body, and L-Arginine can help filter it out. This detoxing effect is useful in a time where unknown chemicals and even heavy metals linger in everything we touch, smell, or eat.

The protein that L-Arginine helps make also means that your hair, skin, and nails will become stronger and grow faster. The same thing goes for your muscles—you may find that you will get a bit of a glow or go for a run with more ease when you start taking L-Arginine. It’s one of those happy coincidences where looking good literally means feeling good too.

L-Arginine Supplements Differ In Form and Quality

It would seem like taking L-Arginine is all you really need to solve these health issues. Don’t just settle for the cheapest option on the market. Shopping for supplements is just like a trip to the grocery store where you have to look at the labels and pick the best ingredients. There are low-quality L-Arginine supplements that are packed with fillers or dyes that may give you allergies.

Some manufacturers also put sweeteners or other artificial flavorings. L-Arginine is something that can taste a little dull or sour in its raw form, so these additives are thrown in to make it taste better—not exactly the best thing when you’re trying to shed the pounds or eat cleaner. If you’re not careful, taking low-quality supplements will end up causing the very problems you want to solve!

L-Arginine can also be taken in a number of ways—the powdered supplement is mixed into water so you can drink it down, but it can also be made into pills or capsules that don’t have an unpleasant taste. Capsules and pills, however, will take a little more time for your body to absorb, so you won’t feel the effects right away. With all these things to consider, it can be pretty tough to find the right L-Arginine supplement for you.

Extra Strength L-Arginine Nitric Oxide: Your Top Choice For Protein Power

We’ve tried and tested a whole bunch of supplements that say they have all the L-Arginine you need and boast a wide range of claims. We’ve found one particular product that we think is a cut above the rest: Extra Strength L-Arginine Nitric Oxide. It combines two forms of L-Arginine without any hidden ingredients or chemicals, giving you something as close to what your body naturally makes.

Extra Strength L-Arginine Nitric Oxide has a third ingredient that makes it a superior supplement for you: citrulline. It’s another amino acid that works hand in hand with L-Arginine and boosts its effects on circulation, so it’s even better than a supplement that relies only on L-Arginine. This combination has also gone through rigorous testing by the manufacturer to make sure it’s safe for consumers to take.

Extra Strength L-Arginine Nitric Oxide comes in the form of a gluten-free capsule, which makes it easy to take on the go at any time of the day, so you won’t ever have to miss a dose or worry about how much water to mix in for your daily drink. This also means no weird, nasty aftertaste, and nothing that has to be disguised with sugar or flavorings—just pure amino acids to give your body a lift.

Take the Right Dose of L-Arginine So You Can Jumpstart Your Health Goals

While athletes take L-Arginine in very large amounts, it’s recommended that you start slow since you’re just introducing the supplement into your body. At a neat 1200 mg per dose, Extra Strength L-Arginine Nitric Oxide gives you enough of the L-Arginine for visible results and minimal side effects.

If you’re physically active or plan to integrate workouts into your routine, the effects will be even more visible as you find that you can take on more demanding exercises or increase your reps. You’ll also recover faster even as you train harder and push your goals, so you can actually take a higher dose at that level. Breeze through your cardio sessions and watch your limits go up as you start taking L-Arginine regularly!

When Should I Take L-Arginine?

To get the most out of Extra Strength L-Arginine Nitric Oxide, think about what you’re planning to do in the day. It’s great to take it in the morning, or before you get started on a workout. That way, the L-Arginine has already been absorbed by your body and you will start feeling the boost before you dig into some serious work. Increasing blood flow will keep you from feeling short of breath or exhausted midway into a task.

It’s also okay to take it on an empty stomach, or just before you go to sleep to promote muscle growth and development. L-Arginine is something you can safely take even late at night because it doesn’t affect your sleep in any way. Some people have taken it after their workouts instead to reduce the wear and tear of the gym, with positive results. So, if you’ve missed taking your dose with your breakfast, it’s totally fine to take it at any other time.

Minimize Side Effects With The Right Information

No product is perfect—with something as powerful as L-Arginine, it’s important to note any medical conditions you already have which might be affected by taking it. People who have heart conditions, hypertension, or any kidney problems should be careful about taking this supplement.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are also naturally more sensitive to dietary supplements, so it’s not recommended that you introduce it just yet to your system. It’s good to consult your doctor if you have any questions and plan to start taking L-Arginine, especially if you’re already on some form of medication. For the average person without any serious medical conditions, you should be just fine on it.

Even if you are healthy, there is a slight chance that you will experience some side effects like nausea, stomach pains, bloating or increased blood pressure. Be mindful of these facts and don’t try to up your dose right away!

Is L-Arginine Safe For Pregnant Women?

Yes as long as it’s taken in moderate doses, L-Arginine is safe for pregnant women. It’s even been shown that taking pregnant women taking L-Arginine will have a reduced risk of preeclampsia. With all that said, if you are pregnant, you should consult with your doctor before you begin to take any supplement.

Can L-Arginine Be Taken With Medication?

There should be no problems taking L-Arginine with any medication. But, if you are taking medication, you should always seek the advice of your doctor before you begin adding supplements to your regimen.


The benefits of taking Extra Strength L-Arginine far outweigh the minor side effects you may experience—and these are things that you can easily prevent if you watch your intake. When you’ve figured out the best dose to take every day, it will make a huge difference to your general wellbeing and prevent so many lifestyle diseases. Your body will thank you for it, and some people may even ask what your secret is!

Extra Strength L-Arginine isn’t just for the extremely athletic. It’s a great supplement anyone can integrate into their diet, with or without physical training. From shedding pounds to reducing muscle strain, L-Arginine is the lifehack that your body needs. Don’t just settle for feeling fine—feel fantastic and build a stronger, healthier new you with Extra Strength L-Arginine!

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