Colin F. HCG Drops Review: A Closer Look

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Why is losing fat so hard? After a certain age, it seems like losing weight is nothing short of a herculean task.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you play your cards right. You can take the slow route and try a variety of standard methods to get your ever-so-coveted dream bod. But there does happen to be a bit of a cheat code for fighting fat: you gotta attack it from the inside out.

That’s where dietary supplements like Colin F. Watson’s HCG Diet Drops come in. We’ve recently come across this weight-loss formula and regimen combination, and we’ve done a little digging as to how it works, and if it can work for you.

What Exactly Is HCG Anyway?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Check the best HCG drops on the market here!). It’s a hormone that’s released by the placenta in a pregnant woman, once it attaches itself (and the baby) to her uterus. It’s responsible for a lot of functions that regulate a women’s changing body function during pregnancy, but there’s one particular effect that interests weight-watchers: the effect it has on the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is a region in the brain that’s responsible for regulating things like our hunger, body temperature, and metabolism. Since this region is heavily affected by the presence of HCG, it has a big effect on how often we feel hungry. It’s been hypothesized that if HCG was introduced into the system of anyone wanting to lose weight, it can have a considerable effect on their appetite. This is why HCG is an important ingredient in any weight loss supplement out there—and why it’s in Watson’s HCG formula.

How Does It Work?

To understand how the Waston HCG supplement can help you, you first need to understand how your body’s fat, sugar, and energy levels work.

Your body gets most of the energy it needs from glucose. It’s a carbohydrate that’s processed in our blood sugar, taken from the majority of the food we eat. As one of the important building blocks of all life, every metabolic system on earth gets their energy from processing glucose.

This is all well and good if what we’re eating contains ONLY glucose and nothing more, but that’s not really the case. Due to the kind of food that we eat, there’s always going to be something extra there in the form of sugar or extra stuff that we don’t need.

Your body stores these excess ingredients as fat. While fat is a good enough energy source, your body will prefer to process glucose first. In a way, you can think of fat as your body’s emergency batteries: something that it will only use when you underfeed it.

This is why cutting down on calories is a core part of many diets: you starve your body of glucose because you’re eating less, so it starts using the fat in your body to provide energy. 

Why This Is a Bad Thing (and Why HCG Diet Supplements Can Help)

There’s no doubt that this method works—for extreme cases, look at people who survived in the wild—but the shock that you’ll be subjecting your body to isn’t good, it’s more or less controlled starvation. Your body is conditioned to survive on the accustomed energy levels you provide it and works at a more or less constant metabolic rate. Making any kind of sudden and rapid change can make you very ill.

This is where supplements like Watson’s HCG Drops can be very helpful. They attack the fat from within, burning fat at the cellular level and preventing more cells from forming. This prevents giving your body the shock that usually comes with this process of burning fat. And the best part is, you can continue eating as you usually do! Neat, right?

So What Can Colin F. Watson’s Formulas Do For Me?

There are two different varieties that the Watson HCG formulations come in:

  • Drop form, which is best for those who want a gradual pace in losing weight (and who aren’t particularly keen on needles)
  • Injection form, which takes effect faster (but may need a stronger stomach to administer)

Each purchase of either the drops or the injection formula come with a detailed meal plan that you can follow for the duration of the time you’re taking the supplement. Additional physical exercise regimes are also included.

This regimen was formulated by Colin F. Watson and his wife, Jayne Watson. Both of them had weight problems themselves, but after some trial and error, they formulated this regimen to help. Combining it with the HCG treatment, they’ve now created this brilliantly comprehensive program that can help anyone who wants to lose weight.

How Should I Take the HCG Formula?

The key here is consistent intake! Combined with an approved diet plan and a decent level of physical activity, you can start to see results in as little as 2-6 weeks. As a supplement, HCG is best taken with your meals at regular intervals.

Soon enough, your body will start getting used to the presence of the HCG. You’ll find yourself having more energy, getting fewer cravings, and you’ll be burning fat like nobodies business.

Of course, with any supplement, it’s always important to seek out the advice of a medical professional when it comes to using Watson’s HCG formula. While the ingredients aren’t harmful, it’s best to ask for a medical opinion before you start introducing new chemicals into your body, especially if you’re already taking other forms of medication.

Where Can I Get Colin F. Watson’s HCG Drops?

There are a couple of online resellers that sell the formula (in drop and injection form) making it very accessible to those who want to try it out. These online shops also offer easy shipping so you can get your product right away!

But I wouldn’t trust just any retailer. There have been horror stories of online resellers selling watered down or bunk product. 

If you want to be absolutely certain that you’re getting the real deal, the best place to order would be at the official manufacturer’s website. That’s pretty much the only way you can be sure that you’re getting the real product and not some imitation, and you’ll avoid the sometimes high resell price that third-party dealers often slap on the product.

Be advised: you will have to shell out money for this supplement! As a product that’s carefully manufactured in a professional medical facility, it doesn’t come cheap. Fortunately, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to get it, so that’s one less hoop to jump through.

But Does It Really Work?

Overall, the reviews on the Colin F. Watson HCG have been a little mixed. While many appreciate the fact that it comes in two kinds of formulations that they can choose from, there’s a split opinion of whether or not it works as effectively as advertised. Some said that the supplement had no clear effects, some said that the results took longer than expected, while others said that they noticed positive changes almost right away.

This discrepancy might be due to the fact that everyone’s body deals with fat differently. Even with an HCG dietary supplement, it’s impossible to determine the exact length of time before the formula starts taking effect. There are several factors that can be very difficult to overcome (like gender or hormones) even for specially designed products like these.

What we can suggest is that if you do try the Watson HCG formula, you can also attack fat another way. Following the included diet plan is a good start, but you can also start being more physically active to help burn off even more fat. Other reviews have also suggested taking multivitamins or other supplements to help stave off the side effects of sudden weight loss.

Remember, the Waston HCG formula is best used as a supplement to an already established weight-loss routine. It may work for you, but it won’t work that well without you doing your part. It’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t a substitute for food—while you may be tempted to cut back on eating, just follow the diet plan provided for the best result. You don’t want to endanger your health


It isn’t a miracle drug, but the formula in Colin F. Watson’s HCG Drops may just work for you. For the most part though, you’ll likely need to give it some consistent effort and a little bit of patience before you can start to see the results you want. 

Among the rest of its competitors in the weight loss market, Watson’s HCG formula is quite the formidable contender. Just remember to be consistent with your diet and physical activity—and always follow your doctor’s advice. Good luck!