Top 3 Best HCG Drops for a Rapid Weight Loss in 2021

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The Holy Trinity of Weight Loss: The Best HCG Drops Today

Losing weight isn’t easy. There’s no magic button in our body that we can switch-on to stop gaining fat, so we’re left to do the hard stuff like dieting and exercise. These methods definitely work but you have to give them a lot of your time and effort. See, that’s the catch with losing weight: if you tackle it from the outside, you’re going to be in for a long and difficult journey.

That’s why HCG Drops have become so popular lately. Not only are they a reliable and easy way to lose weight, but they’re also more effective at doing so than other fat-burning methods. Unlike sweating it out in the gym or throwing away your favorite foods, HCG Drops tackle the fat where it hurts: from the inside.

Best HCG Drops and Diets

But once you start looking into for HCG Drops, you’ll quickly realize that there are dozens of them on the market. Of course, you’ll want to get your money’s worth out of these products, so you’re going to be looking for the best. But with so many options and so little time, you might have difficulty picking the right product.

That’s why we’ve canvassed, researched, and compared the hundreds of HCG Drops products, so you don’t have to. We’ve picked the top three formulas and presented them to you in this article.

So buckle in: here’s the ultimate guide to HCG—your new best friend in the fight against fat.

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What Is HCG?

Of course, we can’t talk about HCG Drops without explaining the ingredient that makes it all work together: human chorionic gonadotropin. It’s a hormone that the body produces in significant amounts when you need to burn or redirect the energy in your body to something (or in most cases, someone) else. It’s something customarily produced and used by the bodies of pregnant women to help distribute their energy to the baby growing inside of them.

You’d think that with this limitation, only pregnant women can get the benefits of having HCG in their system. Fortunately for everyone who wants to lose weight, science found a way to introduce this hormone to anyone who needs to lose weight, and that’s where HCG Drops come in.

The reason why this hormone is so important in any HCG Product is that it does three things to the human body:

  • It helps (indirectly) lower your appetite
  • It aids your body in burning fat
  • With consistent use, it prevents your body from gaining weight

Mixed with other ingredients, HCG can also help boost metabolism, promote conversion of fat into muscle, and decrease the probability of gaining excess fat. With the right product, it’s possible to obtain all the benefits of having precise control over how your body processes fat and uses energy, without suffering from the usual side effects.

All of these are useful stuff to anyone who wants to lose weight. But before we explain the mechanism of how and why this happens, it’s best to take a look at the best HCG drops and later look at how our bodies gain and use fat.

Top 3 Best HCG Drops on the Market in 2021

Here’s our list of the 3 best HCG drops that you can get today. All of these have been thoroughly tested in laboratory conditions, made with the finest of ingredients, and have been clinically tested for safety and efficacy! While each of them may help you lose fat in different ways, all of them are certainly the best HCG Drop for you in their own right.

#1. HCG Complex Drops

a pack of HCG complex dropsHCG Complex Diet Drops represent the gold standard when it comes to HCG formulations on the market. It’s been consistently rated as the top HCG Drop supplement by many fitness experts and has a long list of satisfied customers who are all-too-happy with the results that they’ve gotten on this product.

The secret lies in their formulation: with one of the most robust and potent mixtures of both HCG and amino acids, HCG Complex is specially crafted to combat problem areas when it comes to weight, while also conditioning your body to tackle these issues on its own!

Their formula also includes a healthy dose of extracts like Green Tea, Panax Ginseng, Maca Root, and Astragalus Membranaceus Root to help take the edge off with the fat-burning process. They’re also handy with staving off the usual side effects that are associated with weight loss such as exhaustion and mood swings.

It’s also extremely accessible. As a supplement, you don’t need to take anything else to bring out the full effect of HCG Complex, and the product is specially formulated to help those who may not have the time or energy to go through the typical requirements of losing weight like exercise and dieting.

Finally, the ingredients also provide you with a variety of benefits aside from losing weight, like increased energy levels, gives you with more stamina, and helps your body more efficiently process the nutrients in your food. Very few people have reported any side effects to this product in comparison to other HCG Drops in the market!

However, due to the popularity of this product, you might have to wait a while or shell out a premium when it comes to ordering your own supply. But given the effects and how well this product works, it’ll definitely be a price that you’ll be happy to have paid!

#2. HCG Triumph

HCG Triumph Weight Loss DropsHCG Triumph is an excellent introduction to those who want to dip their toes into the world of HCG Products. While admittedly packed less of an amount of active fat-burning ingredients than the two other products on this list, it provides enough of the essential elements to get you started on your weight-loss journey.

Made by Triu Naturals, this HCG product comes with plenty of bio-active ingredients that can help boost your body’s metabolism, raise your energy levels, and make you burn fat faster! Triu Naturals pride themselves on having created a product that can help anyone lose weight with consistent use, and the array of customer reviews on their website is a good indicator of how effective their product is.

With every purchase of this product includes a couple of extras that can help you get started, such as:

  • An HCG diet manual
  • Diet recipes
  • A sample grocery list for you to follow when it comes to meals
  • Contact numbers for their support team

Their formula works with either an 800 or a 1200 calorie diet. Unlike a lot of other HCG products out there, it doesn’t use caffeine in its formulation, allowing you to skip the buzz that often accompanies HCG products.

HCG Triumph is also one of the few FDA-approved HCG products in the USA. It’s manufactured in factories that have received the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, ensuring that the product that you’ll get is not only medically-tested but safe to consume!

Given the balance of ingredients and the relatively simple diet and HCG plan that this product comes with, it’s definitely an acceptable choice for those who want to give HCG Drops a try without breaking the bank. It’s an excellent entry-level product for those who want to lose weight and can be used as a stepping stone to purer, more concentrated doses of HCG.

However, some people have reported feeling mild side effects like headaches when it comes to the use of this product. It also has a lower money return rate out of all the products on this list. If you’re looking to buy or are already using this product, you should keep in mind that shipping it back if you aren’t satisfied with it will take a while, as well as your refund.

We’ve got a review of HCG Triumph elsewhere on this site.

#3. Nu Image Medical HCG Drops

HCG Drops for Weight LossManufactured by Nu Image Medical, these HCG Drops are one of the most potent formulations of HCG on the market. Their formulation is more or less pure HCG, a rarity when it comes to your usual HCG formulations on the market.

Nu Image Medical has a long history of providing aid when it comes to weight loss. They’ve been in the business for years and have expanded their services country-wide via their telemedicine branch. They also have one of the best customer support teams for HCG products, with an impressive roster of doctors, nurses, and support staff that can guide you through the process of taking their product.

You can take the formula in a 26 or 46-day interval period, and the formula itself via oral drop, pellet form, or injection. Each purchase of the Nu Medical HCG Drops also come with an eBook that details the exact dosage of the product, a diet plan you can follow, and other details that you’ll need once you get started on their product.

An important thing to remember with this particular HCG formula is since it’s almost pure HCG, the effects will kick in much faster and much more effectively than other drops on the market. While this may be good news if you want to lose weight quickly, you need to keep in mind the possible strain that this will put on your body. Always make sure to take the correct dose and nothing more to avoid any severe side effects.

Since this product is also one of the purest HCG formulas in the market, it’s definitely one of the most expensive products on this list. This is definitely something that you want to take if you’re set on using HCG as a consistent aid in losing weight, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you do! 

Just keep in mind as this is medically formulated, Nu Image Medical Drops cannot be refunded or returned. This is because their formulation is almost pure HCG: so it’s definitely not a product that a first-timer should purchase! Fortunately, the Nu Image Medical group does offer extensive consultation to make sure that their product is the best fit for you.

So there you have it: the cream of the crop that HCG Drops have to offer. Again, it’s important to remember that while all of them can safely and efficiently help you trim down on your fat, the ways that they do it are different from one another. We’ve covered the best HCG drops on the market, let’s  turn our energy and look at how our bodies gain and use fat.

How Our Body Processes Energy and Fat

It all boils down to our body’s need for energy. When our body detects that the energy reserves available for use are starting to get low, it sends a signal to the hypothalamus, the region in your brain that controls hunger, appetite, and hormone release. In this case, it gives you the signal that you need to eat.

Our body primarily takes energy from glucose, a carbohydrate that can be found in sugar. It’s the source of all energy of any living creature and is found in the food that we eat. That’s why when you start feeling hungry, the hunger only really goes away once you’ve taken in enough sugar and carbohydrates. Once your body has enough energy, it turns off the hunger signal and processing the food for glucose.

That’s also why we should ideally eat three times a day: that’s the rough division between your body’s energy uses and when you should replenish them. Of course, the things that we do can affect how often this process happens, like exercise and other kinds of activity that use up our body’s energy.

So now we know that our body’s energy reserves come from glucose—so where does fat come in? See, we don’t actually drink or eat raw glucose. It’s a sugar that we need to process from food. Our food doesn’t just contain sugars, but a variety of other things that our body processes at the same time. This excess stuff is what gets turned into fat.

So How Does Our Body Fat Work?

Fat isn’t an inherently bad thing. Our body needs fat for a couple of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Protecting our body’s internal organs from outside impact
  • Regulating cell growth and temperature
  • Storing excess nutrients

Fat is good. But too much of a good thing makes it dangerous, and this holds just as true for fat like anything else. While our body can function pretty well on average levels of fat, the problems start occurring when our fats grow beyond these levels.

There are generally three kinds of fat in our system:

  • Beige and brown fats: these are the essential fats in our body. They’re usually found right next to our internal organs and bones like the spine, and they regulate our body’s core temperature. They also help transport and store energy in the different parts of the body.
  • White subcutaneous fats and normal subcutaneous fats: the fat that you find around your limbs like your arms and thighs. While they may seem like nonessential flab, they’re actually quite important as they help regulate our blood sugar and spread hormones like estrogen throughout the body.
  • Visceral fats: fats that you can find around your body’s core, such as your chest, hips, and stomach. When people think about fat, they’re usually referring to excess growth of visceral fat in their body.

These fats are all necessary to keep our body in tip-top shape. But again, too much of these fats (especially visceral fats) can be quite harmful to our body. It’s astonishingly easy for good fat to turn into bad fat without us even trying, which is why there’s an ideal body weight that each one of us should have.

These fats aren’t independent of each other. Some of them can be found quite close together and given enough time, changes in our diet, and fluctuating hormone levels, these fats can transition into different types. Beige and brown fat can turn to visceral fat if you aren’t watching what you eat!

As our body processes the food we eat, some of it gets turned to glucose while others get stored as fat. Our bodies aren’t exactly 100% efficient when it comes to processing our food, so some glucose is actually stored in fat, rather than being used. Since the majority of us don’t live in a mode where our body will want to maximize its use of glucose, this excess material starts growing over time.

Energy and Glucose

You might be wondering as to why your body doesn’t process fat first instead of glucose when gaining too much fat is bad for it. The answer to this is twofold: first is how our body uses glucose, and second is how it determines how much of it do we need in our body.

First of all, if you do happen to be getting enough food and glucose, your body naturally gravitates towards using the glucose instead of the fat to draw energy from. If your body tended towards processing fat first instead of glucose, you’d likely feel more exhausted, since processing energy also uses energy.

Your body is just wired this way: it doesn’t want to make things more difficult for itself when it comes to getting something it needs. This is why it immediately absorbs the available glucose and works on the fat later. This isn’t a bad process per se, but the problems start to pile up when you feed it too much fat.

We mentioned that your body needs energy reserves to function. What happens if you do get too much fat? Your body isn’t willing to just throw away this potential reservoir of energy and nutrients. What it does is that it sets it aside for easy use in your body—kind of like an emergency power bank.

What are the Ways We Can Tackle Fat?

If you’re starting to get more flabs than abs, you’ll naturally want to get rid of some excess fat. The thing that makes this somewhat complicated is that each of us handles fat quite differently. Due to a mixture of factors such as genetics, hormones, environment, our bodies can either have an easy or hard time controlling our fat levels.

Some people can eat a lot and never gain a pound, while others who feel bloated after one meal. The usual of getting rid of this excess fat is to use it as fuel for something else, whether that’s physical or mental activity. Our body is naturally using fat at all times, but always at different speeds.

However, the best way to tackle fat is to burn it off. Physical activity and changes to our diet trigger changes in how our body processes food. If it starts sensing that we need more energy than usual (or more energy that we’re currently giving it), it starts to dip into the body’s emergency energy reserves, which in most cases, is fat.

This is the process behind many energy-based diets like ketosis. When your body needs more energy, it starts using whatever reserves it can for fuel to meet that need. The point of many diets and exercises is to condition the body to start using fat instead of food.

That’s why changes to what we eat and our physical activities eventually shrink fat. Since our body needs a minimum energy level to keep functioning, we can essentially change how our body processes energy and fat to compensate for that energy level. Essentially, diets and exercises are ways to “starve” our body to the point where it starts to use fat a lot more for energy.

How Does HCG Play a Role in All This?

This process does have a considerable drawback: it’s tackling fat from the outside. Burning fat can be extremely tedious for our bodies to start doing all of a sudden, especially when we haven’t been watching our weight, to begin with. Dieting, physical activity, and other fat-burning mechanisms can also have different effects on our body, which we can’t account for.

HCG or products that contain HCG is an alternative to these methods. Instead of tackling the fat from the outside, HCG goes straight to the organ responsible for processing fat, appetite, and our sugar levels: the hypothalamus.

HCG Drops work by changing how our body processes food. Firstly, it sends signals to our hypothalamus to start producing more HCG in our body. This kicks our metabolism up by a few notches, making our body burn more fat without triggering our hunger levels.

This “fat-burning mode” is something that your body gets accustomed to over time (and with a consistent intake of the HCG product.) Soon enough, your body starts using your excess fat in addition to the glucose that you get from eating to fuel your body, shaving off a couple of pounds of your weight.

The great thing about this method is since you’re effectively reprogramming your body to change the process instead of the intake mechanism, you can take HCG without having to make changes to your eating habits or physical activity. It’s a supplement that can effectively help you lose weight and trim down fat without impacting your lifestyle!

Effects of Prolonged HCG Intake on the Body

Given enough time and consistent use, your body gradually becomes accustomed to the increased levels of HCG in your body, to the point that it starts producing it by itself. This creates a self-sustaining cycle of where your body is continuously in a fat-burning mode, making it easier for you to prevent excess fat from ever developing.

You’ll also notice that your body develops an increased metabolism in response to the elevated HCG levels. You’ll find that you process your food much more efficiently, which causes a reduction in appetite since your body doesn’t feel the need to replenish its energy reserves that often.

Finally, some HCG Drops can also provide a variety of other benefits like improving stamina, boosting muscle grown, and stabilizing your hormone levels. While these effects can vary from person to product, they’re all specially formulated to help you become accustomed to the kind of body you’re starting to get.

Who Can Use HCG Drops?

Since HCG is a natural hormone that you can find in the human body, anyone can use these products! The products listed below are formulated to be used by anyone who wants to shed a couple of pounds reliably, quickly, and consistently.

HCG Drops don’t discriminate between gender, lifestyle, or even age (though of course, you should absolutely seek medical advice if you’re planning to put someone very young or very old on HCG supplements,) making it ideal for use no matter who you are. All you need is the will, discipline, and a little patience to stick to your weight-loss journey, and you should start seeing the results in no time.

Some HCG Drops will even market themselves as entirely accessible for anyone, no matter their background or body type. While the efficacy of these claims isn’t something that’s been comprehensively studied, you can definitely do your own research by taking a quick look at the product’s review section.

What Ingredients Can You Expect to See in an HCG Product?

Now you understand how the body processes fat, sugar, and the energy level it requires. You also know how introducing HCG can help with that process. So what are the ingredients that you’d expect to see in a good HCG product?

Out of all the brands we’ve reviewed, we’ve found that these are the ones that you should always see in the ingredients list:

1. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

We’ve already talked about how vital HCG is, but it’s always best to make sure that the HCG Drop that you choose has enough levels of it to be effective. Too much of it can effectively shock your system, making it sick—but too little of it won’t have any effect of all.

2. Amino Acids

These compounds make up our body’s protein: the essential compound that helps with many of our bodily functions. Without protein, our body processes would be all over the place. HCG products usually contain a mixture of the following amino acids to help support the weight loss and fat burning process.

3. Glutamine

This amino acid helps your body lose weight by controlling both your food cravings and your energy reserves. It aids in metabolism, making your body burn through more fat while effectively using the energy that these fats contain.

4. Arginine

Arginine increases insulin activity in the body, which affect the hormones that keep our fat stored away from active use. It also hypothesized to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body, which helps quickly burn fat in the body.

5. Tyrosine

A key ingredient in helping our brain produce chemicals that control how well different parts of the body communicate with one another. This amino acid is a supplementary one to the weight-loss amino acids in HCG solutions, helping our brain process them more effectively.

6. Carnitine

Carnitine is the amino acid responsible for burning fat for energy. When increased levels of it are introduced into the body, it speeds this process with the help of our metabolism, allowing us to burn fat even faster.

7. Ornithine

Along with the other amino acids on this list, ornithine control metabolism and helps with burning fat. It’s also a key ingredient that promotes muscle growth and channeling the energy needed to kick-start the growth process.

8. Tryptophan

Tryptophan helps lower our bodies serotonin levels, which are thought to affect our appetite and metabolism levels. It also offers other benefits to the body like aiding in sleep, allowing it to process fat more effectively.

9. Vitamin Supplements

While the active ingredients of HCG products work on burning fat, other vitamins such as Vitamin B-12 (which helps in fat, metabolism, and amino acid processes) are typically included to increase the efficacy of the weight-loss ingredients.

They also ensure that your body can handle fat-burning effectively. Metabolizing fat can put your body under a surprising amount of stress, and these vitamin supplements add the necessary nutrients to make sure that your body can cope with the strain.

Other Ingredients

Finally, some HCG products often include an additional ingredient to help with the other effects of weight-loss, such as decreased energy levels, possible mood swings, and how our bodies adjust to the increased energy demand. These are often derived from natural extracts from different plants and organic compounds.

These ingredients are also organic, so our body absorbs them much easier, and they take effect the same time that the active HCG fat-burning ingredients do. You can consider these ingredients as an additional plus to take the edge of burning fat, making sure that you not only look great but feel great as well.

The best HCG products out there often contain a mixture or derivative of those ingredients above. While each of the active ingredients (especially the amino acids) are extremely good when it comes to burning fat, HCG Drops combine and refine these ingredients into a potent formula!

HCG and Ingredient Purity

It’s not enough that a good HCG Product contains the ingredients listed above, it’s also critical to make sure that it includes the exact mixture and purity of the ingredients. Introducing any of these compounds into the human body isn’t an easy task, and the best way for your body to accept these ingredients and start the fat-burning process is by being very precise in their measurements.

That’s why checking for the ingredient purity—what’s inside your HCG Drops, how much of the ingredient is in there, and what’s the proportion of it compared to the other parts—is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a top-tier HCG product.

One of the ingredients you should definitely be looking at very closely is the concentration and amount of HCG in your product. Most cheap brands of HCG Drops on the market tend to have a low level of the actual hormone, and pad the rest with other ingredients. With high-quality HCG Drops, the ratio of HCG to the other ingredients is always higher.

Don’t worry: the ones that we’ve picked for you have all been tested to make sure that they not only contain HCG, but they include the highest purity and concentration of HCG in the market!

Criteria for Judging

Before we unveil our top three picks for the best HCG Drops in the market, we’ll explain the criteria that we’ve used to judge them as the best. After all, we can’t just willy-nilly start saying that something is good without any proof, right?

Company Reputation

A product is only as good as the people who made it. That’s why one of the first things we looked at was the manufacturer of each HCG Drop: whether or not they had any outstanding cases against their product, how long they’ve been in operation, and the kind of company history and values that they have. 

These companies should also have excellent customer reviews. While you can be thrown all the fancy numbers and charts about what a product does, the best guarantee that you can always get is a testament from other people about how the product has helped them with their own weight loss journey. So you can rest easy that the products below have been made by reputable companies that have a history in providing the best when it comes to HCG formulations!

Quality of Ingredients

The next thing we looked at is each of the products ingredients lists. We’ve already mentioned what kind of ingredients should you expect to see in any HCG product, but what separates the good ones from the great ones is the quality of the ingredients. Things like how much of each ingredient does each product contain (as well as the purity of these ingredients) were all factors that we took into consideration.

This is because it’s essential that the ingredients be formulated in such a way that the body can quickly access and use them. After all, what good is the best ingredients if they aren’t used by the body as fast as we’d like?

Product Safety

Making sure that the product is high-quality also means checking if the product is safe to use as well. As we’ve previously mentioned, fat-burning can take a toll on your body. If you aren’t careful, the wrong dosage or ingredients of an HCG product will end up doing more harm than good.

That’s why the products we’ve recommended have distinguished themselves when it comes to product safety and usage. Not only have they been testified to work by many people, but they also avoid harmful side effects that you’ll get with lesser HCG products.

Speed of Results

When you take HCG Drops, you’re doing it under the expectation that you’ll eventually see results—and fast. One of the deciding factors in people choosing a specific HCG product for them is how fast can they expect to see the results, and how long do they have to take it before going off them completely.

Each of the products below has proven their worth when it comes to the speed of their results, either from manufacturer guarantee or the reviews of the many satisfied customers who’ve used them. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that with consistent use and a little patience, you’ll definitely start liking how you look in the mirror soon enough.


Let’s make one thing clear: HCG products aren’t cheap. They’re formulated using the latest technology and backed up by consistent, updated studies, and that kind of quality doesn’t come for free! That being said, some companies and products are more worth it than the others, and it’s this balance that we’ve judged the following products by.

High prices aren’t a guarantee for sound quality. A lot of HCG products out there may be over-inflating their price due to the demand, but don’t work as well as they advertise. That’s why we assure you that the following HCG products definitely give you the bod for your buck that you’re looking for!

Return and Exchange Options

Not all HCG products are created equal. And while we’re confident that the products that we’ll recommend definitely do their part when it comes to fighting the fat and trimming down your weight, they’re not for everyone. We all have different ways of fighting fat, and what can work for some of us won’t work for others.

This is why we’ve also taken refunds into account when it comes to judging the best HCG products in the market: If you don’t see the results that you want after spending a certain amount of time on the product, these companies will offer you back your money (with the exception of one) with no fuss.

Customer Service

Finally, the last thing we looked at is the customer support that each product has. A good product can definitely help your weight-loss journey, but sometimes you don’t have all the answers. That’s why we’ve ruled that having good customer support that you can contact when you take the HCG product is also a criterion.

This doesn’t extend to just the actual customer support, as we also took a look at the other things that these products come with aside from the HCG drops themselves. From the quality of the diet plans, exercises, and the dosage requirements were all factors that we took into account.

All of the following products scored highly or even distinguished themselves in these fields. While other HCG products might skimp over these requirements, the ones we’ve chosen show their commitment to customer satisfaction, product quality, and overall excellence.

Medical Issues and Other Things to Consider

A quick before you buy: these HCG products are supplements, and in absolutely no situation should they be used as a substitute for food. If you are taking HCG Drops of any kind, it’s best to follow the diet plan included, or if there is none, not to make any drastic changes in your food intake or schedule.

 As previously discussed, HCG burns away fat by changing the signals in your body when it comes to how it processes food and fat. If you lower your food intake beyond the recommended threshold, your body will start to starve itself for real. This can lead to all sorts of complications ranging from an upset stomach to malnutrition. Your body still needs food, and HCG Drops are only there to change how your body uses and processes what you eat!

The most important thing is to always check with your physician before you start taking HCG Drops. While they may use safe ingredients and have been clinically tested before being shipped, it’s still best to consult a medical professional about the effects these ingredients can have on your body. Aside from the physical strain, the chemicals that these products have the potential to trigger some mental or psychological issues.

Since HCG is a hormone, it’s also possible that introducing an increased level of it to your system can cause hormonal imbalance. This can be extremely crucial to keep in mind if you’re on medication that addresses hormonal issues that come with age, or if you’re taking medication that affects your hormones in any way.

Getting the advice of your doctor is even more critical if you happen to be already taking maintenance medication. While the side effects associated with the HCG Products above are minimal to non-existent, your doctor will have a better idea of how their ingredients will interact with the medication you’re already on. Remember: not knowing enough is the first step to making a mistake!

If you are thinking of taking any of these HCG products, you should set an appointment with your doctor to let them know that you’re considering trying them for weight loss. Bring the list of ingredients (or the product itself if you already have it) so they have a clear idea of what it contains and cross-reference the possible side effects with your medical history and pre-existing conditions.

The Importance of Consistency When Using HCG Drops

Even with all those ingredients, HCG Drops perform at their best when taken consistently. This is primarily due to how HCG interacts with your brain: like any substance or hormone, it takes time to get the full effect. Your body won’t instantaneously switch into a fat-burning mode the moment you take your first drop—like all good things, getting your ideal body will require time, consistency, and effort.

There’s also another important reason as to why you should be consistent with taking HCG Drops once you start: regression. Since your body is already used to a specific state, introducing anything new to the system (especially something like HCG) will need repeated and regular doses for your body to acclimatize. If you don’t do this, your body will yo-yo between the weight you have and the weight you want, and that can cause serious health issues down the line.

So remember: consistency is key! Once you get started on your HCG Drops, always take them regularly, and only take them in the dosage specified. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of your body adapting to the HCG you’re introducing. This can cause you to need a higher dosage of HCG to get a visible reaction from your body (which can be dangerous) or restart all over from the beginning (which can be time-consuming.)

Depending on your body type, diet, and weight loss goals, the amount of HCG that you’ll need to take per day is going to differ from everyone else. However, each of the products above come with detailed instructions about use and dosage, and you can always consult their customer support if you need any help!

This includes things like what to do if you ever miss a dose, dealing with possible side effects, and other exercises that you can do to speed up your weight loss process. You may be just one person taking their product, but you can count on the entire company being a hundred percent behind your weight loss journey.

How Long Does It Take Before I Start Seeing Results?

Most HCG Drops on the market have varying periods before you start seeing the effects, ranging from a month up to two months. The HCG Drops we’ve just recommended are known for how fast they can deliver results with the proper effort put in—and for some people, they can get their results even earlier!

If you’re curious to know about what exactly you can do to speed up your own results, we talk a little bit about them further in the article. But one thing you should absolutely stick to is to be consistent when it comes to taking HCG Drops. You know how the saying goes: the key to mastery of anything is repetition.

The HCG Drops above are known to deliver results in as early as three weeks, fitting for their status as the best of the best. With consistent use, it’s possible even to stop taking them as active weight-loss supplements, and instead, just use them as supplementary maintenance!

Possible Risks and Side Effects of Using HCG Drops

Like all supplements, HCG isn’t without some sort of drawback. For starters, since your body is placed in a state of constant ketosis (where it burns fat instead of glucose for energy) without the right formulation or additional ingredients to back it up, it’s possible to experience levels of fatigue, malaise, or energy loss.

This becomes even more important the longer you stay on the HCG program. It’s definitely more risky to quit in the middle of the program instead of the beginning since the hormonal and weight fluctuations can really mess your body up. If you’re taking HCG, prepare for the long haul: this isn’t a journey that you can take lightly.

As HCG is a hormone, it can also affect things like your sleep schedule, mood, and specific bodily functions like libido. This is what makes consulting a doctor so crucial before and during taking any HCG product: since it targets our brain and body’s core cells, there’s a lot of side effects that you can’t accurately account for.

Fortunately, the HCG Drops recommended above have proven to have little to no side effects that users need to be wary of. But since each person processes fat (and hormones) differently, the moment something starts to seem amiss with how your body is feeling, you should immediately consult your doctor.

Finally, the user’s own habits are also an important thing to consider when taking HCG Drops. There’s a tendency for people to think that once they start losing weight, cutting down on food will help speed up the process. This isn’t the case—and in fact, doing this can lead to all sort of health problems! HCG Drops are a supplement and should be taken with food, not used as a substitute for it.

Where Do I Get HCG Drops?

The internet is full of horror stories about fake ingredients, shoddy products, and even false advertising. Fortunately, a little bit of research can help calm any concerns that you might have about getting these products.

One of the places that you can try is your local health-centric store. Aside from possibly having these products on their shelves, they also carry some useful supplements like multivitamins that can you can take with these HCG Drops.

Another avenue you can look at is online forums, digital suppliers and resellers, and big online shops like Amazon. They’re great places to find reviews and other feedback on the product! They also offer expedited shipping if you really want to get a head start on working towards your ideal body.

Just remember that since they’re considered as authorized resellers, you’ll need to shell out additional cash for the premiums and reselling price. If you’re a little tight on the wallet, purchasing from these vendors might not be the best option.

So for the best deals and best quality, you should always go straight to the manufacturer’s website. They offer their own shipping and package handling, and there are other options there that aren’t available on reseller websites, like trial packs. Not only that, but you’ll be sure that the product you’re getting is the real thing and not some cheap knockoff! 

They’re also the best place that you can return your product to if it doesn’t work, and you’ll most likely get a more significant return doing so. You can’t get that kind of convenience if you buy from a third-party vendor.

Because all of these HCG Drops are supplements, you don’t need to worry about a prescription when you order them online or from the store. Of course, it’s still important to get the advice of your doctor before buying them, but if you have the all-clear, feel free to get as much as you want.

What Else Can I Do?

While others might be content with merely taking the formula regularly, there are some that want to go above and beyond. Here’s good news for those kinds of people: there are things that you can do to speed up your weight loss, and they come with a ton more benefits aside from just shedding those pounds!

Diet Plan

A lot of HCG products will come with a diet plan or meal plan that you can follow while you take the supplement. This is usually a good start to help your body acclimate to the hormone’s effects and create an environment that can bring out the full potential of the product.

Because while HCG Drops are the most effective when you consistently take them, the kind of food you eat still plays a significant role in how well they can work. Your body will go through the motions of getting rid of the fat, but it can do that much easier if you stop introducing fatty-based foods!

These diet plans don’t just help your body lose weight—they also introduce other food that can help support your body’s changing shape. You have to remember that even after the HCG Drops have worked for you, you’ll need to make sure that you keep your new figure. A diet plan can help you consistently maintain the body you’ve worked so hard for.


Another thing that you can do to speed up the process is to add more physical activity. Think about it: if HCG burns fat from the inside, surely tackling it from the outside can help, right? Absolutely! A double-pronged approach to fighting the fat makes it surrender faster, and you’ll see your ideal body much sooner than you’d expect.

This activity doesn’t have to be extreme. Some HCG Drops come with exercises that you can conveniently do from your home or office for a few minutes a day. Like taking the formula, the important thing here is consistency. You have to keep a stable exercise routine going if you want to see real results.

Exercise can also help you acclimate to your new body as it develops. Physical activity releases hormones that make you burn energy faster while also making the process more pleasurable (think of a runner’s high) that’ll not make you only lose fat but enjoy yourself doing so.


You might think sleeping is counterintuitive to the entire “fat-burning” process. But remember—your body gets put under a tremendous amount of strain once you start taking HCG Drops. Allowing your body to rest and recover as much as possible can help speed up the process, and allow your body to heal from the stress generated by losing weight.

Your body also needs to replenish its energy reserves when you lose weight since burning fat also takes up energy. Sleeping is a natural and efficient way to let your body gather the strength it needs without taking a toll on your stomach or fat. If nothing else, you’ll be energetic and well-rested.

Take Other Supplements

Finally, it’s always a good idea to check if you need to take another supplement while using HCG Drops. Ordinary multivitamins are never a bad idea since your body is currently going through some pretty significant changes and might not be as effective in maintaining your usual state of health.

Again, these are incredibly potent compounds. Your body may not be initially equipped to handle the shock that may come with increased levels of HCG, so you’ll need to make up for its normal nutritional needs by taking other supplements.

If you’re curious about the kinds of supplements you can take, the HCG Drops come with additional information about that, either bundled with the product or on the manufacturer’s website. If you want to be extra sure, you can also ask your doctor!

These methods can help speed up the process of your weight loss, but you should always make sure to check whether or not they work with the specific kind of HCG product that you’re using. Again, our bodies react to fat quite differently, and a routine that worked for another user may not necessarily work for you.

In addition to helping you lose weight, these can also help you acclimate to the rising levels of HCG in your body! It’s important not to overwhelm your body with too many hormones. You should always seek to slowly ease yourself into any HCG program by making small changes to your lifestyle. Trust us: it’s worth it.

FAQs About HCG Drops

Finally, here are some questions that we’ve compiled from users all over the world about HCG Products. If you still have a question that we haven’t answered or explained above, you might just find the answer down below.

What’s the exact dosage I need to take for HCG Drops?

As previously mentioned, the best way to determine the dosage of HCG that you need will depend on your diet, body type, and weight loss program. It’s best to consult with your physician or the customer support of the HCG product.

However, one thing you can keep in mind is that you should never take HCG on an empty stomach. As HCG products affect how you process food, introducing it to your system while you’re hungry may have adverse side effects.

I’ve heard there are different kinds of HCG Drops. Is this true?

There are two varieties of HCG that are commonly used for weight loss, and can be obtained from different sources:

  • Prescription HCG, which is a concentrated form of the hormone and is collected from pregnant women. However, these treatments are often costly and difficult to find.
  • Homeopathic HCG, where the concentrated form is diluted, mixed with other catalysts for weight loss, and refined into a potent formula for public use.

All the HCG Drops above are homeopathic HCGs, which means that they’ve been mixed with other ingredients that can amplify and/or add to the hormone’s effect.

How do I know if my HCG Drops actually contain HCG?

A common worry among people who buy HCG Drops for the first time is whether or not their product is the real deal. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way to test whether or not your HCG product actually contains the hormone.

Remember what we said earlier about HCG naturally occurring in pregnant women? This means that it’s also a marker that’s tested for when checking if a woman is pregnant. Quite simply, if you use a pregnancy test on your HCG Drops and it comes up positive, then your product contains HCG.

The best way to do this is to shake the container of your HCG gently, get a home pregnancy test (readily and cheaply available at your nearest drugstore,) and spill a few drops on it. Be careful not to touch the reagent or the HCG Drops, as that might trigger a false negative. Take note of the indicator strip after the required time. A negative means that you might’ve gotten a dud, but a positive means that your product is the real thing!

Are amino acids and HCG the same thing?

Unfortunately, no. This is often a common tactic used by people who sell fake HCG Drops. Amino acids like the ones we listed above certainly work when it comes to weight loss, but the thing that holds it together is definitely the HCG.

People usually do this because it’s not easy to fake HCG in any product. The process for creating HCG needs a lot of specialized equipment and training. This just means that you need to be extra careful as to where the HCG you’re buying comes from.

This doesn’t mean that amino acids are any less important though! They’re a critical component of many HCG Drops around the market, since they help balance out the fat-burning effects of the active ingredients and support the body through the weight loss process.

Can this be used by any gender?

Absolutely! Since HCG is a natural hormone that can be introduced in the bodies of both men and women, it’s perfectly safe for anyone to use. Of course, it’s still important to get the advice of a medical professional before you start taking any HCG Drops.

However, special care needs to be taken by individuals who may be taking medication to help transition into another gender. HCG may have unexpected side effects with high levels of estrogen and testosterone and may diminish or mess with the results of hormone replacement therapy.

I’m on my period. Can I still take HCG?

The effects of HCG on menstruating women haven’t been thoroughly studied. However, since periods usually come with massive hormonal shifts, it’s possible that HCG can have an effect on your mood if you’re taking it.

In this case, your best option is to go to your OB-GYN or your doctor and ask about the effects of HCG while you’re on your period. You can also give the customer support of the products above a call. 

Can I take HCG while breastfeeding?

Like menstruation, the effects of HCG Drops with breastfeeding women haven’t been adequately researched. However, since breast milk often contains traces of the mother’s dietary or supplementary intake, it’s advisable not to take HCG until the baby has been weaned.

This is to avoid any potential health or development issues that may pass to the baby on an HCG-rich diet. A breastfeeding woman also needs a precise number of calories a day to produce enough milk, which can be disturbed by the introduction of HCG in the body.

I have diabetes. Can I still take HCG?

Yes! HCG does nothing to affect your levels of blood sugar, which means that diabetics can take the products fine. However, it’s best to consult your doctor if you do need extra supplements or artificial sweeteners before starting your HCG diet.

Can I refrigerate HCG?

Sometimes you’ll find your HCG product a little colder than usual room temperature, either due to the environment during delivery or if you’ve refrigerated it. You don’t have to worry about the chemicals being affected by the temperature. Just thaw your bottle and take your dose as usual.

Like most medication or supplements, not exposing it to extreme temperatures is your best bet to make sure that the potency isn’t affected in any way. Ideally, HCG Drops should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and the reach of children.

Can I take milk, tea or coffee?

You can take tea and coffee while on HCG Drops, but it’s best to take them without sugar, as the additional glucose may mess up the conditions that the HCG is getting your body adjusted to.

Milk is another matter—as it contains natural sugars, intake of milk should be strictly regulated if you’re on an HCG diet. Ideally, almond or skim milk are the best options for you to take since they contain less sugar and fat.

When in doubt, consult the diet plan provided with your HCG product. Alternatively, you can call customer support for a thorough explanation of the food that you can and can’t eat.

Can I still take HCG even if I’m a vegan?

Of course! Some HCG Drops offer different diet plans for vegetarians with their formula. If they aren’t included in the product or found on the manufacturer’s website, there are several forums and discussions online that can give you the recipes that you need.

What’s the age range on me taking HCG Drops?

Almost none! The good thing about these products is that they can be used by people who need to lose weight at some point in their life, either due to health or personal reasons. Of course, there are obvious exceptions like the elderly or very young people, but aside from that, age doesn’t really factor in taking HCG Drops.

Is organic food a requirement for taking HCG Drops?

No. The critical part of an HCG diet is the intake of calories, not necessarily the food that you get the calories from. If you live in an area that has difficult sourcing local and organic food, that’s doesn’t disqualify you from using HCG Drops.

I missed my dose! What should I do?

As consistency is the most crucial part of taking HCG drops, missing a dose isn’t necessarily the end of your attempt. Depending on the HCG product, there are things or dosages that you can take to catch up.

The best option is to ask your doctor or the customer support of the product you’re using on what to do if you happen to miss a couple of doses. Alternatively, the instructions provided upon purchase of the product can also contain the protocol that you should follow if you slip up.

Can I take HCG drops if I’m on heavy medication for an injury or infection (like antibiotics?)

It’s generally recommended not to take HCG Drops if you’re recovering from an illness or injury. While the product itself is formulated for safe use and consumption, it may have unintended side effects if taken with medication, especially ones that are quite heavy on the human body.

If you do experience an accident while on HCG, you should stop and follow the meal plan and medication that your doctor prescribed to you, and nothing else. This prevents you from experiencing unwanted side effects when you mix HCG with your medication and gives your body the time and space it needs to heal.

Will this set off a drug test?

If you’re an employee or a professional athlete, don’t worry: HCG Drops don’t use any steroidal ingredients of any kind. Since they’re made from or derived from all-natural ingredients, your body doesn’t react to them negatively, and neither do they trigger any positives in a drug screening.

Of course, you should still tell your employer or athletics association if you are taking HCG, for the sake of transparency. Depending on your work, sport, or association, there may be some rules in place that dictate how or if you can use supplements like these.

Should I weigh myself every day once I start using HCG?

As previously mentioned, even using the most potent HCG products on the market, it will take some time for you to see the results. Many people have reported feeling the difference before seeing it in their mirror or bathroom scale, and HCG Drops need a consistent dosage, diet, and duration to be fully effective.

However, it’s not a bad idea to measure your weight every week or so. While it can take some time for you to get to your target weight, you can start seeing the difference in as early as two weeks. If nothing else, it’s a good indicator of whether or not the HCG Drop you picked is working for you.

I’m losing weight, but slowly. Am I doing something wrong?

Not particularly. Again, each of our bodies reacts to fat and HCG quite differently. It’s entirely possible that the period outlined in your HCG plan isn’t the one that you’ll experience, in which case you need some changes to your program or diet. Alternatively, you may also choose to switch the kind of HCG product that you use.

The best thing for you to do in this situation is to consult with the customer support of your HCG Drops. They’ll often have useful feedback or tips that you can follow once you’ve explained your situation to them to help you get back on track.

What happens if I reach my target weight before the end of the plan?

If you find yourself getting your results earlier than expected, congratulations! Your HCG Drops, diet, and exercise have paid off. If this occurs before your period of taking HCG ends, the rule is to switch to the stabilization phase of the HCG Drops plan (otherwise known as stage 3.)

However, you can stop taking some varieties of HCG Drops once you’ve reached your target weight. It’s always a good idea to consult either the booklet provided or do your research on the manufacturer’s website.

If you still have a question that we haven’t answered above, there are two places where you should look for answers: the manufacturer’s website or support team, or your doctor and physician. Introducing HCG into your system is no small feat, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Seeing and Feeling the Difference

Aside from the obvious benefits like shedding those excess pounds for your health. HCG Drops can be a stepping stone to getting towards a better version of yourself. The physical changes that you’ll experience under the HCG plan aren’t just physical, but mental and psychological as well.

Fat can slow us down mentally as well as physically, and getting rid of it can literally free your mind for bigger and better things. You’ll be able to focus better thanks to your body’s more efficient intake of energy, making you more attentive to your surroundings. The excess oils generated by visceral fat that usually make blood circulation difficult won’t be a problem anymore, allowing you to respond quickly to your surroundings.

Psychologically, you’ll start feeling more confident about yourself. Gone are the days of hiding behind poofy dresses or covering up your stomach. Your self-esteem will shoot up with your new and improved body, and the compliments that you’ll start to get—either from losing weight or the kind of body you now have because of it—won’t hurt either.

And you can rest easy knowing that you’ve reached this point by working smarter, not harder. Losing fat is difficult, and taking HCG Drops definitely won’t change that. But you will find that it can help, and that’s all you really need to start losing those extra pounds.


These products really are the best of the best; medically crafted from the best ingredients to make them potent allies in the fight against fat. Safe to use, definitely worth your money, and requiring only a little time and effort to work, they’ll definitely help you get your beach bod in no time at all.

While they may all work in different ways, their goal is simple: to help you lose weight in the fastest, most efficient way possible. As far as supplements go, they’re as non-invasive as they can get; and as weight loss solutions, they’re some of the most effective products on the market.

Remember that taking HCG Drops is a commitment. The manufacturer commits to providing you with a high-quality, well-researched, and safe supplement to use; while you commit to the program, plan, and diet provided to get the best results. 

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard, and there are better ways to go about it rather than sweating it out all day or cutting back on your favorite foods. HCG Drops provide a safe, reliable, and effective way to trim down your fat, curb your appetite, and help you on your weight loss journey.

So what are you waiting for? Your ideal body is there for the taking. With HCG Drops, you’ll find that newer, better, and sexier version of yourself isn’t as far away as you might think.