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WHYY Reports on Depression Screening at the Albert Einstein Cardiac Rehab Center

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Langhorne, PA (July 14, 2010)- WHYY, NPR’s Philadelphia affiliate, aired a report on Albert Einstein Cardiac Rehab Center’s decision to better manage depression among its patients–a condition that often goes undiagnosed and untreated, and can have an impact on physical health and quality of life. Albert Einstein is using Polaris-CV (cardiovascular), an outcomes management system that has been normed on a cardiac population, to accomplish this goal. The system helps cardiologists identify those patients who need treatment for depression and then monitor their progress.

Diet, exercise and smoking cessation are all important factors in recovery after a heart attack. But mental health is increasingly part of the treatment plan as well. As Maiken Scott reports from WHYY’s Behavioral Health Desk – one area hospital is now screening heart patients for depression.

Read the WHYY report here.

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