What is emPower?

emPowered Care can
Move Mountains.

Polaris and MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper have partnered on a patient-focused study that is transforming the delivery of care for breast cancer patients. Through Apple Watch and iPhone, the emPOWER app monitors patient behavioral health data beyond the office visit, communicating with Polaris’s technology to ensure needs are met before they reach critical levels.

A Look at the App

emPower Understanding.

With emPower, patients record their experiences, observe their progress, and discover more about their own mindset in relation to other cancer patients. This knowledge has the power to elevate engagement and health literacy, and provide clinicians an inside look at behavioral health issues when they are most easily addressed—the moment they arise.

emPower Connections.

emPower provides patients a dynamic avenue through which they reach out in real-time to their clinicians and care team and other members of their patient cohort. More frequent and engaged human interaction, both at the clinical and social levels, has the power to transform the care experience for patients who may feel alone in their treatment.

emPower Support.

Intelligent and wholly personalized, emPower delivers supportive messages to patients throughout their care experience, including encouragement to complete physical and mental wellness tasks. By extending cancer care to include behavioral and lifestyle-based components, emPower has given birth to a new generation of support.

emPower Outcomes.

By aggregating and correlating critical data sets over time, one of emPower’s goals is to move the needle in the clinical setting. This data can help care teams better personalize patient treatment plans, improve care plan adherence and even reduce avoidable emergency room visits by addressing symptoms when they arise.

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