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Leaders in Behavioral
Health Technology

Polaris is committed to making behavioral health a routine part of the patient experience across specialties and settings.

Capture Information:
Build a 360-Degree Patient View

Polaris captures behavioral and medical information directly from patients during treatment and beyond through dynamic assessments and screeners, delivered through leading mobile and wearable technologies.

Coordinate Care:
Connect Patients and Their Data to Care Teams

Using this information, Polaris quickly surfaces high risk patients so members of the care team can quickly respond. Polaris facilitates greater engagement and coordination amongst patients and their care teams—all while integrating with existing systems and workflows.

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Inform Stakeholders:
Utilize Insights to Measure and Manage Risk

Polaris makes sense of its data through precision analytics at the patient and population level. The system delivers quick-hitting, visual information to all stakeholders, enabling them to track progress throughout the course of care.

Impact Outcomes:
Take Behavioral Health Risk Off the Table

Systematically manage behavioral health risk with Polaris’s powerful care insights, deliver more proactive and timely interventions, head off risk at the pass, and make a measurable improvement to outcomes.

Polaris’s lean cloud-based infrastructure provides a host of benefits for health systems and their patients, including:

  • Ease of use for patients, care teams and clinicians with an intuitive interface functionality.
  • Integration with EHRs and other health IT systems on the market.
  • Implementation and extension of Polaris system-wide with minimal technical requirements.
  • Delivery of screeners, assessments and analytics through leading wearable and mobile technologies.
  • Protection of patient and system data with a secure, HIPAA-compliant system, and regular back-ups and disaster recovery.
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Behavioral Health Impairment Score (BHI)

The first standard measure of behavioral health risk, severity and progress.

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Through Polaris’s proprietary Behavioral Health Impairment Score (BHI), patients, providers and payers are able to keep score of behavioral health related risk for the very first time. BHI automates the quantification of each patient’s behavioral health, measures that risk against normed and validated population data, and then tracks its progress throughout the course of care. As a result, Polaris drives more billable episodes of care, fewer unplanned admissions and re-admissions, and improved patient outcomes.

Because you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Polaris, By the Numbers

125 Million

patient responses and counting.

1 Million

patients screened to date.

19 Years

of peer-reviewed research.

6 Weeks

to implementation and results.

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