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Depressed women may be at higher risk of experiencing intimate partner violence

Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine suggests that there is a two-way link between intimate partner violence (IPV) and depression: Women exposed to IPV are at nearly twice the risk for becoming depressed, and women who are depressed are almost twice as likely to experience IPV. The researchers also found a link between IPV and suicide among women.

Iowa State study sheds new light on cycle of violence

Psychological abuse between a parent and a child increases the likelihood that the child will be in an abusive relationship in the future --even more so than a child witnessing violence in the home between two adults, a new study suggests.

Polaris Explores Developing Outcomes Management Solution for Teen Dating Violence

Polaris Health Directions is exploring the feasibility of building an adolescent application based on its outcomes management solution for domestic violence, Polaris-DV. Teen dating violence has become a top priority for federal agencies that are seeking to counteract the poor long-term outcomes associated with this pervasive public health problem.