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White Paper: Establishing a Culture of Measurement

Accountability and performance-based metrics will define the new health care landscape. The measurement and visualization of performance data is already beginning to play an expanded role in guiding clinical decisions, supporting the translation of science into practice, and driving quality improvement initiatives. And with the Affordable Care Act, advancements in health technology, and the movement…

Empathic and Polaris join forces to help improve the delivery of behavioral health care

Polaris Health Directions is pleased to announce that Empathic Clinical Suite has decided to integrate Polaris’s outcomes management technology into its cloud-based practice management platform for behavioral health. The merging of the two systems will provide a powerful solution for improving therapeutic outcomes: Clinicians will have more time for their patients, and a wealth of clinical data at their fingertips to help ensure patients receive the best course of care the first time around.

From the Ivory Tower to the Clinic: Polaris Study on Translating Addictions Research into Practice Published in Addictive Behaviors

Polaris Health Directions has published new findings in the journal Addictive Behaviors on the value of using an outcomes management system for chemical dependency in managed care treatment programs. The article, “Translating addictions research into evidence-based practice: The Polaris-CD outcomes management system,” discusses the implementation lessons and impact of Polaris-CD in a ten-year plus project that focused…

Polaris Launches New Version of its Adult Mental Health Outcomes System

Polaris Health Directions has released the next version of Polaris-MH, an innovative computer-based outcomes management system for adult mental health. The features available in the new release provide unique, evidence-based decision support to help providers improve treatment outcomes while averting costs associated with ineffective care.