Women & Youth Health

Caring for the Whole Person with Polestar™ Platform

Comprehensive care means considering all facets of patient health—medical and behavioral. Transforming the dream of comprehensive care into an effective reality depends on a solid foundation for collaboration, communication, analysis and insight.

That’s where Polestar comes in. Building upon rigorous science funded by the NIH, Polestar serves women and youth by providing the behavioral health insights the public and private sectors need to address critical components that dramatically impact outcomes.

The possibilities are endless.

Unlocking the power of behavioral health insights has the power to transform treatment efficiency and impact.

  • Optimize Care: Uncover patient needs through Polestar’s dynamic response-adaptive assessments. Polestar empowers providers to better target behavioral health needs, and deliver personalized care at the appropriate level and intensity of services.
  • Providing a Voice: Polestar helps providers to fully engage patients by offering a safe and secure platform to share their concerns. Research shows that many patients are more willing to disclose sensitive information, such as trauma, to a computer than in a face-to-face interview or even via paper and pencil assessments.
  • Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate: Streamline communications with patients and other entities by sharing knowledge and creating ongoing touch points. Ensure that all members of the process are “in the loop” and that the patient experience is integrated and seamless.
  • Measure Program Effectiveness: With Polestar, you can analyze aggregate data to understand how effective your care is—and how your program measures up to others. This insight can frame strategic quality improvement initiatives.

Polestar™ for Women & Youth Health

Polestar is secure and HIPAA-compliant.