Polestar™ for Providers

Actionable Insights and Decision Support, Built for the Future of Health Care

Health care is rapidly evolving, and it can be difficult to stay ahead. How can providers navigate this ever-changing landscape—all while improving efficiency, profitability and quality of care?

Polaris empowers forward-thinking providers like you with the intuitive decision support and actionable insights they need to achieve the new proactive, patient-centered standard of care.

Improve the Quality of Care

Unlock Insights that Affect Outcomes

You’re swimming in a sea of patient information. But which data points will lead to the insights that can improve outcomes? Our clinically practical platform provides the behavioral health analysis and decision support care teams need so they can make smarter decisions, faster.

Bring Behavioral Health into the Care Continuum

Behavioral health insights challenge providers to rethink how they arrive at diagnoses and deliver care. With Polestar, providers can efficiently assess for behavioral health issues and analyze ongoing progress—all within their normal workflows. The result is proactive care for the whole person, with better treatment adherence and a higher probability of recovery.

Boost Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a critical component to improving outcomes. Polestar provides a means for patients to elevate their voices and become active participants in their care. Polestar’s easy-to-understand analytics and individualized, motivational feedback reports can boost engagement and improve loyalty.

Encourage Care Team Collaboration

Polestar streamlines shared knowledge and communications throughout the continuum of care, resulting in less duplication of efforts and more informed decision-making. A collaborative care team is an effective one.

Reduce Clinician Burdens

With increased pressure to keep patient visits efficient, it’s hard to address every patient need in a single visit. Polestar’s self-reporting assessments ask patients critical psychosocial and physical health questions and provide clinicians with a customized response analysis for decision support before each visit begins. This unlocks more time for the meaningful dialogue that only clinicians can provide.

Boost Efficiencies and Profitability

Stay Competitive

It’s tough to stay competitive as health care delivery systems and changing compensation structures continue to evolve. It’s even tougher to do it all in the midst of your organization’s day-to-day workflow. Polaris offers providers the rare ability to make strategic forays into health care’s emerging movements —including bringing behavioral health into the care continuum—all while enhancing, rather than disrupting, existing workflows.

Build Revenue Streams with Automated Referrals

Meet the IT investment that will directly build revenue for your organization. By dynamically identifying the patients that are in need of behavioral health services, and directing those patients to the appropriate treatment within your system, Polestar’s dynamic referral capability gives you the opportunity to make in-house automated behavioral health referrals to build new revenue streams and boost patient loyalty to your organization.

Increase Efficiency

As performance-based compensation structures emerge, your success hinges upon your ability to provide efficient and effective care. Polestar projects likely patient responses, tracks the effectiveness of treatments, and identifies patients whose treatment plans may need refinement.

Benchmark and Improve

Polestar allows you to measure and assess treatment success within your organization, as well as track your system against your competitors. Through intelligent, case-mix adjusted analyses, the platform provides a foundation on which you can build and target quality improvement initiatives.

The Investment that Keeps on Giving

How do you know that the IT investments you make today will be relevant in the context of tomorrow? At Polaris, we are continually developing new breakthroughs that solve emerging clinical problems, and incorporating these innovations into our platform as they become available.

Integrate. Implement. Use.

  • Integrate: Our experienced implementation professionals will work with your IT team to achieve successful integration into your environment, including meaningful two-way dialogue with existing EHRs.
  • Implement: Health care technology offers exciting possibilities—but to unlock their value, providers are often required to endure lengthy training sessions and implementation processes. Polestar is lightweight, flexible and easy-to-use. You’ll be up and running quickly.
  • Use: Are your clinicians concerned about clinical usability? Polestar is field-tested and designed for the clinical context. It is user-friendly and intuitive, with on-site or virtual training resources available to help your team maximize the benefits offered by the platform.

Get to Know Polestar™

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