Domestic Violence

Supporting Early Interventions

Polestar™ Platform supports early domestic violence interventions and can help improve mental health outcomes, reduce the risk of re-victimization and lower the long-term costs related to health care utilization, chronic diseases and employment.

The platform non-invasively screens for domestic violence—emotional, sexual and physical—supports service planning, provides standardized insights on resilience, PTSD and changing mental health symptomology. It also supports the coordinated response of the many agencies that may be involved in a domestic violence situation, including law enforcement, treatment providers, family justice centers, and domestic violence and mental health agencies.

Polestar™ answers these key questions for Domestic Violence treatment facilities:

  • What co-existing mental health needs might my patient have, including depression, anxiety and PTSD?
  • What are some of my patient’s compensating adult strengths, such as resiliency and goal directedness?
  • Are the services provided making a positive impact?