Behavioral Health

Polestar Platform™, for Behavioral Needs

Founded on the principle that leveraging behavioral health data can transform patient care and improve outcomes, Polaris’s Polestar™ Platform provides the evidence-based insights behavioral health providers need to take action.

The possibilities are endless.

Unlocking the power of behavioral health insights can transform care quality and treatment outcomes in your organization.

  • Track Patient Progress and Optimize Treatment: Measure and benchmark a patient’s progress over time through regular assessments and analyses, and identify patients who may benefit from more effective care options.
  • Manage the Recovery Process: Ensure that all patient needs are being met throughout the recovery process, including those that can increase the risk of relapse, dropout or other poor outcomes.
  • Evaluate, Communicate, Collaborate: Be alerted early when the course of care needs modifying. Maintain consistent touch points with your patients.
  • Address Red Flags in Real-time: Identify risk factors to recovery early, and quickly determine whether immediate intervention is needed to address behavioral health risk factors.

Polestar™ for Behavioral Health

Polestar is highly secure and HIPAA-compliant.