Women & Youth Health

Caring for the Whole Person

True integrated care means considering all facets of patient health—medical and behavioral. Transforming the dream of integrated care into an effective reality depends on a solid foundation for collaboration, communication, analysis and insight.

That’s where Polaris comes in. Polaris’s specialized products for Women & Youth, developed under rigorous science funded by the NIH, unlock the behavioral health insights needed for both the public and private sectors to address critical components that dramatically impact outcomes.

The possibilities are endless.

Unlocking the power of behavioral health insights has the power to transform treatment efficiency and impact.

  • Optimize Care: Uncover patient needs through Polestar’s dynamic response-adaptive assessments. Polestar empowers providers to better target behavioral health needs, and deliver personalized care at the appropriate level and intensity of services.
  • Providing a Voice: Polestar helps providers to fully engage patients by offering a safe and secure platform to share their concerns. Research shows that many patients are more willing to disclose sensitive information, such as trauma, to a computer than in a face-to-face interview or even via paper and pencil assessments.
  • Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate: Streamline communications with patients and other entities by sharing knowledge and creating ongoing touch points. Ensure that all members of the process are “in the loop” and that the patient experience is integrated and seamless.
  • Measure Program Effectiveness: With Polestar, you can analyze aggregate data to understand how effective your care is—and how your program measures up to others. This insight can frame strategic quality improvement initiatives.

All of our Women & Youth Health products are secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Our Women & Youth Health Products

Polestar Youth

Polestar Youth

A full outcomes management and clinical decision support system for the behavioral health treatment of children and adolescents, Polestar Youth involves all stakeholders—including caregivers and clinicians—to improve treatment planning and monitoring.

Its self-report assessment includes the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) scales, as well as benchmarks for engagement and motivation for treatment.

Polestar Youth is easily integrated into normal treatment workflows and processes. By detecting inauthentic or inconsistent responses and assessing both the strengths and behavioral health needs of each child, Polestar Youth enables providers to deliver more effective, tailored treatment.

With Polestar Youth, clinicians can access the evidence-based guidance they need to improve treatment, as well as the information they need to document medical necessity.

Polestar Youth answers questions like:

  • What behavioral and mental health issues is this youth facing?
  • What services will optimally address each youth’s individual needs?
  • Is this youth in immediate danger to him or herself or others?

Polestar Child Welfare

Polestar Child Welfare

Polestar Child Welfare helps child welfare agencies better achieve their goals of permanency, safety and well-being for families by supporting service planning and treatment assessment and monitoring. Through real-time reports, Polestar Child Welfare identifies strength and problem areas, as well as predictors for successful reunification and permanency.

Polestar Child Welfare incorporates the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Comprehensive assessment, and flags risk factors and challenges families must overcome to establish stable and permanent homes for their youth. Built upon the Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) principles, Polestar incorporates multiple perspectives including youth, natural parents, foster parents and multiple caseworkers.

Polestar Child Welfare answers questions like:

  • What are critical strengths that can be leveraged to achieve permanency?
  • What impact has trauma had on your patients?
  • What is the optimal service plan for each individual situation?
  • What is the likelihood of successful reunification and permanency?

Polestar OB/GYN

Polestar OB/GYN

With major depression affecting women twice as often as men—the highest rates occurring during reproductive and menopausal transition years—and an estimated one-third or more women relying on OB-GYN physicians for primary care, the need is great for a time-efficient, dynamic tool that can support the assessment and management of mental and behavioral health in the OB/GYN setting.

Polestar OB/GYN is an active Labs initiative that recognizes the delicate and essential link between mental and behavioral health and medical outcomes. Through patient self-report and systematic analysis, Polestar OB/GYN will provide real-time insights for physicians on the behavioral health needs of their patients.

Polestar OB/GYN will be seamlessly integrated without increasing staff workload or disrupting workflow. Polestar OB/GYN will help organizations connect women to the behavioral and mental health services they need, resulting in more impactful and cost-effective treatment overall.

Polestar OB/GYN will answer questions like:

  • What behavioral and mental health issues is my patient facing as she experiences conditions related to her gynecological care?
  • To whom should I refer my patient for behavioral and/or mental support services?
  • How can I address all of my patient’s behavioral and mental health needs early on, improving outcomes and lowering the cost of treatment?

Contact us to learn more about this active Labs initiative.

Polestar Higher Education

Polestar Higher Education

Polestar Higher Education is the Web-based system for college counseling centers that supports the identification and management of behavioral health issues. Developed in response to the high prevalence of distress and substance use disorder amongst students, Polestar Higher Education maximizes use of limited staff resources and constrained budgets.

The system produces real-time reports highlighting problem areas and severity, and initiates the referral process, increasing the likelihood a student will seek the care they need.

The product is secure, reliable, HIPAA compliant and response adaptive. Most students complete the assessment in under five minutes. As a Web-based product, students may complete the assessment from the comfort of their dorm room. All scales have been rigorously researched and developed under funding by the National Institutes of Health.

Polestar Higher Education answers questions like:

  • Which students are facing behavioral health issues that need treatment?
  • Which students are a threat to themselves or others?
  • Which students are at risk for academic failure or dropout?