Integrated Care

Understanding the Link Between Behavioral & Physical Health

The health care ecosystem increasingly recognizes behavioral health as integral to medical health outcomes. Yet exciting and visionary models like accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical homes can’t exist without first laying the groundwork for collaboration, communication, analysis and insight.

Enter Polaris. By synergizing systems, stakeholders and information, Polaris provides the products necessary to transform the health care ecosystem and achieve fully integrated, proactive care.

The possibilities are endless.

Unlocking the power of behavioral health insights has the power to improve efficiency, quality and outcomes within your organization.

  • See the Whole Picture: Identify behavioral health conditions that may impact poor medical outcomes, and access the clinical decision support you need to make highly informed decisions about your patient’s course of care.
  • Address Red Flags in Real-time: Identify risk factors to recovery early, and quickly determine whether immediate intervention is needed to address behavioral health risk factors.
  • Improve Treatment Adherence: Research indicates that patients with unmet behavioral health needs tend to have lower treatment adherence. Better managing the behavioral health conditions of a patient can maximize adherence to treatment regimens.
  • Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate: Streamline communications with patients and within your care team by sharing knowledge. Ensure that all members of the care team are “in the loop.”
  • Improve the Patient Experience: Enhance patient satisfaction with care and quality of life by ensuring that all of their needs are being met, including those that can affect medical outcomes.
  • Turn Data into Insights: Polestar pulls data from multiple sources, transforming it into actionable behavioral health insights that can be used to improve outcomes. Plus, Polestar integrates with leading EHR systems, forming a two-way communication that enables providers to make more meaningful use of their existing EHR investments.
  • Build Revenue Streams: Build revenue streams within your system by referring patients to the care they need. Polestar’s dynamic referral engine considers a multitude of variables like insurance, provider preferences, proximity and specialty. Reduce costs associated with inappropriate or missed referrals.

All of our Integrated Health products are response adaptive, secure and HIPAA-compliant, and built upon a foundation developed with funding from the National Institute of Health.

Our Integrated Health Products

Polestar Oncology

Polestar Oncology

Polestar Oncology is the all-in-one product to assess and connect cancer patients to the psychosocial support they need, while exceeding new accreditation requirements set forth by the Commission on Cancer. With Polestar Oncology, the multidisciplinary cancer care team can efficiently navigate patients’ psychosocial needs in the context of their medical progress.

Polestar Oncology is a comprehensive Web-based tool that measures emotional distress, anxiety, depression and functional disability based on patient-provided input, and generates real-time, clinically actionable insights from those results—both for the patient and the care team. Triggers and alerts automatically notify appropriate team members of patients who are in need of immediate intervention.

Polestar Oncology answers questions like:

  • What behavioral (including alcohol, drug and tobacco use) health issues is my patient facing?
  • To whom should I refer my patient for support services?
  • How can I help my patients maintain the best possible quality of life during a difficult treatment process?
  • How can the care team boost collaboration and communication to keep the patient at the center of a seamless experience?

Learn more about Polestar Oncology.

Polestar Diabetes

Polestar Diabetes

An active Labs initiative, Polestar Diabetes will be a disease management tool for adolescents monitoring and managing type 1 diabetes. Polestar Diabetes is a Web-based interface between patients and providers to identify and address psychosocial issues and other barriers to diabetes self-management.

Combining self-report assessment with e-messaging, e-learning tools and real-time reporting, it provides ongoing touch-points for patients to monitor their condition, remain connected to clinicians, and address critical behavioral and mental health components that affect outcomes.

Learn more here or contact us for more information about Polestar Diabetes.

Polestar Cardiovascular

Polestar Cardiovascular

Polestar Cardiovascular is the Web-based system that synergizes state-of-the-art research and technology to help health care providers detect and monitor depression and anxiety in patients with heart disease, and improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of the services they offer.

Polestar CV is grounded in extensive National Institutes of Health-sponsored research on treatment effectiveness and outcomes management, as well as medical studies of depression, anxiety and other critical CVD risk factors.

Patients whose treatment included assessment and monitoring using Polaris-CV experienced fewer heart attacks, strokes, nights in the hospital and emergency room visits than control subjects in a randomized clinical trial. Read about the trial.

Polestar Cardiovascular answers questions like:

  • What behavioral health issues is my patient facing?
  • How can I reduce the cost of care and improve outcomes by better treating depression and anxiety?
  • Is my patient’s depression abnormally high compared to other cardiac patients?
  • Does my patient want a referral for medication or behavioral treatment for depression?
  • Has he/she had previous medical or behavioral treatment for depression? Did he/she feel that it was effective?

Polestar Emergency Department / Trauma

Polestar Emergency Department / Trauma

Reduce avoidable re-admissions, document their decrease, and direct patients to the care they need with Polestar Emergency Department / Trauma, the Web-based tool that enables efficient screening and referral for addiction and other behavioral health issues—all from within the emergency department or trauma center.

Referrals are based on identified need, insurance, proximity and specialty. Customize to promote in-house services and strengthen patient loyalty to your hospital system.

Polestar ED / Trauma answers questions like:

  • Which patients are facing untreated addiction and/or substance abuse conditions?
  • To whom should I refer patients for treatment of these issues?
  • How can I reduce avoidable readmissions by better directing these patients to the care they need?

Polestar Primary

Polestar Primary

An active Labs initiative, Polestar Primary is being built specifically for the busy primary care practice. The system will facilitate the assessment and management of behavioral health so it can become a routine part of every patient visit.

Recognizing the essential link between behavioral health and medical outcomes, Polestar Primary will provide real-time systematic analysis on substance misuse, depression, anxiety, and other psychosocial conditions, as well as connect patients to the additional care they need.

Like all Polestar products, Polestar Primary will have a response adaptive structure, making it appropriate for use on either a clinically-indicated basis or for universal screening. The system will be seamlessly integrated without increasing staff workload or disrupting workflow. Polestar Primary will help organizations improve their targeting of behavioral health services so that patients receive the services they need the first time, resulting in more effective treatment.

Polestar Primary will answer questions like:

  • What behavioral health issues is my patient facing?
  • To whom should I refer my patient for behavioral support services?
  • How can I identify a patient’s behavioral health needs before they reach severe levels?
  • What information can I provide that is tailored specifically to my patient?

Contact Polaris to learn more about this active Labs initiative.