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    Polaris-CD (Chemical Dependency)

    outcomes management system for substance abusePolaris-CD, a cloud-based outcomes management system for substance abuse treatment providers, is designed to improve outcomes for patients, and lead to a more efficient use of resources and a reduction in dropout and relapse rates. The Polaris team has designed measures that explicitly support clinical decision-making and quality improvement for substance abuse treatment programs. This is the hallmark of an effective outcomes management system, and is what sets Polaris-CD apart from other systems. 

    This HIPAA-compliant solution helps treatment providers answer three key questions:

    1-What services are most cost-effective for this patient?

    2- Is his/her treatment “working”; i.e., is the patient’s progress satisfactory?

    3- Is this person at high risk for dropout or relapse, and, if so, how can he/she be helped to maintain recovery?

    This year Polaris will enhance Polaris-CD to predict and improve engagement rates in treatment. The new model will facilitate adoption of evidence-based therapies, including Motivational Enhancement Therapy. It will also help counselors identify early whether a patient is likely to engage in treatment. At the program-level, the updated Polaris-CD will help improve HEDIS scores relating to treatment engagement.

    The work is part of a larger project funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and in collaboration with the New Hope Foundation and experts on Motivational Enhancement Therapy from Yale University. Learn more.

    Features & Capabilities

    ✔ Collects data in multiple life areas to better manage the course of treatment, identify possible obstacles to recovery and predict the risk of dropout.

    ✔ Incorporates more than a dozen questions that research has found to be predictive of dropout or relapse.

    ✔ Produces a real-time patient report and an aggregate, severity-adjusted program-level report. 

    ✔ Clinically assess the need for interventions that are designed to reduce negative outcomes, such as Motivation Enhancement Therapy or Relapse Prevention. 

    ✔ Scientifically sound—it is the only system of its kind with National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) funding.

    ✔ Documents program effectiveness and outcomes for payers and accreditation organizations 

    ✔ Includes the composite scales from the "gold standard" Addiction Severity Index (ASI), which produces scores indicating the severity of the patient’s problems relating to drug and alcohol use, family/social, psychological, medical, and employment.

    ✔ The update instrument includes questions about patient satisfaction, the number of services the patient has received in relation to various problem areas during the past two weeks and attitudes relating to relapse avoidance.

    ✔ Provides robust assessment of depression and anxiety for patients that screen positive for those conditions 

    ✔ Highly flexible, and designed to meet the needs of a wide range of treatment organizations 

    Matching Patients to Services--Not Programs

    Polaris-CD has an exceptionally strong research foundation, including a five-year NIDA-sponsored research program conducted jointly by Polaris staff and the Treatment Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. The research team found that patients who receive treatment directed towards their specific problems experienced significantly more positive outcomes than similar patients, treated in the same programs by the same therapists, who were not matched to services. The "matching" procedure developed under this research has been incorporated into Polaris-CD.

    The clinically actionable data the system produces also helps providers identify persons who should be monitored post-treatment, and introduces the practice as a routine component of the treatment process as a way to improve compliance with post-discharge monitoring procedures.

    Client Testimonials

    Tony Comerford, President & CEO, New Hope Foundation

    "While the Polaris instruments we use are great and have added consistency and effectiveness to patient care, our collaborative work with Polaris staff members has played a major role in helping us to improve our care-giving processes; patient engagement and outcomes have improved as a result. It’s just great working with folks who care deeply that you get the benefits you are seeking from working with them and the products they sell.

    "Polaris CD does what it promises to do; it predicts and monitors outcomes, identifies service needs and guides patient care consistently.  Used properly it also engages patients and counselors in collaborative work that gets and demonstrates results."