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    News from Polaris

    Since Polaris Health Directions first opened its door in 1997, the companny has been making waves in the field of outcomes management. Here you will find press releases and news on the company and the tireless efforts of its employees to advance understanding of what works when it comes to addressing behavioral health and advancing integrated behavioral and medical care. If you are a member of the press, and would like to speak to someone at Polaris, please e-mail us at

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    STUDY: Predicting Psychological Distress Among Cancer Patients

    A patient’s age, tobacco dependency and pain are among the variables that may increase the risk of psychological distress following a diagnosis of cancer, a new study finds.

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    Polaris Among Sponsors for Mercy Health Golf Cancer Fundraiser

    Staff from Polaris Health Directions attended this year’s Mercy Golf Classic, an annual fundraiser for the cancer care programs at Mercy Fitzgerald and Mercy Philadelphia Hospitals. The event took place at the Aronimink Golf Club, in Newtown Square, Pa.

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    Mercy Health System, Polaris Health Directions Partner to Launch New Distress Management Program for Cancer Patients

    This summer, Polaris Health Directions launched the implementation of the Polaris Oncology Distress Management System at Mercy Fitzgerald, Mercy Philadelphia, Mercy Suburban and Nazareth Hospitals. The system will help enhance the holistic care that Mercy provides to each cancer patient, by addressing not just their physical health, but emotional health as well.

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    Health IT Key to Advancing Evidence-Based Practices in Behavioral Health, Says Polaris’s Chief of Research

    Last week, Grant Grissom, Ph.D., co-founder and chief of research of Polaris Health Directions, participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Institute of Medicine. He spoke about the development and use of Polaris’s cloud-based enterprise system to track the delivery and outcomes of evidence-based psychosocial care, and support shared-decision making. Polaris was the only private sector organization invited to address the IOM committee on the ways assessment technology can enable the implementation of evidence-based practices in behavioral health.

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    New Version of Polaris’s Substance Abuse Assessment Platform to Support Motivational Interviewing

    Polaris Health Directions is set to release an enhanced version of its cloud-based substance abuse treatment support system, Polaris CD. The updated system reflects the latest research in addiction care and service delivery by supporting the evidence-based Motivational Interviewing (MI) technique and incorporating predictors of risk for a patient not engaging in treatment—a red flag for poor outcomes.

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