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    Solutions for Managed Care Organizations

    Scientific Rigor
    With funding from the National Institutes of Health, Polaris has developed a suite of cloud-based behavioral health outcomes management systems for the health care setting. The systems have undergone rigorous external scientific review and have been field-tested in collaboration with health care providers and expert consultants. 

    Clinical & Organizational Utility
    Incorporate Polaris into behavioral health, population and disease management programs to improve intervention targeting, increase program effectiveness, and address co-morbid behavioral health and trauma conditions. Polaris offers flexible solutions for behavioral health intervention, provider profiling and network management. 

    What's Included
    The Polaris IT platform is fully-HIPAA compliant, highly scalable, and interoperates effectively with the corporate IT environment and EHR systems. A typical system may include: (1) clinical assessments that measure symptomology, functioning and strengths; (2) clinician messaging; (3) online training; (4) active referral; (5) monitoring capabilities and (6) predictive models to assess risk for adverse outcomes. 

    Polaris Oncology Distress Management System

    Polaris Oncology is a comprehensive cloud-based clinical decision support system that screens and monitors cancer patients for psychosocial distress. The system includes individualized patient reports, and an automated referral option.

    Polaris-CV (Cardiovascular)

    Polaris-CV combines state-of-the-art research and technology to help health care organizations improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of services, increase the awareness of underlying mood disorders as a major cardiovascular disease risk factor, and help motivate patients to seek treatment.

    Polaris-Medical (Primary Care)

    Polaris-Medical supports primary care providers in the detection and monitoring of behavioral health conditions among their patients.

    Polaris-MH (Mental Health)

    Polaris-MH is an outcomes management system for adult mental health that provides clinically-actionable, real-time data on a broad range of behavioral health problems & strengths, and incorporates Expected Treatment Response Prediction technology.


    Polaris-Youth helps providers improve mental health outcomes and build on strengths in the treatment of mentally ill youth. The system provides a comprehensive basis for improved treatment planning and monitoring. 

    Polaris-CD (Chemical Dependency)

    Polaris-CD helps substance abuse treatment providers match patients to appropriate behavioral health, chemical dependency and supplemental services, track clinical progress, and predict patients likely to relapse and dropout from treatment.

    Polaris-ROMS (Recovery Outcomes Management System)

    Polaris-ROMS is designed to support improved treatment planning and predict improvement in symptomology and long-term development of resilience and independence in severely and persistently mentally ill consumers in high intensity treatment settings.

    Polaris-CW (Child Welfare)

    Polaris-CW is a strength-based outcomes system to help child welfare providers predict factors associated with positive permanency and safety and track and assess the progress of their clients' behavioral and mental health conditions, as well as symptomology related to trauma.

    Polaris-CANS (Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths)

    Polaris-CANS supports clinical treatment service planning. The system includes a full version of the CANS assessment, along with additional empirical indicators that can support the prediction of appropriate level of care, as well as training and CANS certification modules for staff.

    Smart-Wraparound (Youth Wraparound)

    Smart-Wraparound combines standardized behavioral health assessments with predictive technology to improve treatment planning and the prediction of outcomes in behavioral health rehabilitation services and other high-intensity youth settings.