Technology Providers

Conducting Better Outcomes, Together

“Leading edge” is a moving target, but the enduring secret to building the health care system of tomorrow is collaboration. By partnering our solution with the premier technologies and EHRs on the market, Polaris provides technology providers meaningful avenues to expand and deepen the value they provide to customers.

Polaris augments the value that health technologies bring to market through collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships.

Discover the Benefits

Pairing Polaris’s collaborative behavioral care technology enables health IT providers to maximize value to their clients and end users.

Unleash System Data

Unleash the Power of System Data

Forming a two-way exchange with EHRs and health technology platforms, Polaris analyzes existing information against ongoing patient-generated responses to uncover relevant insights.

Provide Added Value

Provide Added Value

Polaris enables you to extend your value beyond current functionality and help customers address their most critical objectives, all while increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Partake in Behavioral Health

Partake in Behavioral Health

Polaris offers medical health technology providers the opportunity to fully integrate behavioral health functionality and address an essential component of proactive health care.

Increase Competitive Advantage

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

By pairing strengths with Polaris, technology providers are able to strengthen their market position and increase their competitive advantage.