Conducting Breakthroughs With Leading Research Bodies

As an active champion for industry advancement since our founding, we partner with leading research institutions to shed light on the relationship between behavioral and medical health, and its ability to impact treatment outcomes.

Our technology serves as a powerful research engine to drive new findings and breakthroughs in the field of collaborative behavioral health care.

Discover the Benefits

Polaris’s collaborative behavioral care technology enables researchers to shed new light on the integral relationship between behavioral and medical health.

Unleash System Data

Access Data

With nearly two decades of actively gathering behavioral health data, we’ve built an impressive repository of de-identified data, ripe for scientific use. Partner with us to tap into the power of our insights.

Leverage Symphony

Leverage Our Technology

Our system is adaptive and flexible, capable of quantifying and monitoring behavioral and medical health throughout the research process.

Share in Mission

Share in Mission

Founded upon a love of discovery and industry advancement, we are passionate about research and understand its unique needs.

Lead Your Industry

Elevate Credibility

With a pristine track record of nearly two decades of rigorous scientific research funded by the NIH, Polaris is a trusted name in behavioral and integrated health research.