Conducting a 360º View in Pharmaceutical Drug Development

As a drug development or pharmaceutical body, you are continuously gathering data on drug efficacy and side effects, both during drug development and post-launch. But are you getting the whole picture? Behavioral health is an integral aspect of understanding any drug’s efficacy and impact.

Polaris sheds light on essential behavioral health components that can be easily overlooked by quantifying, monitoring and analyzing behavioral health throughout the development process and beyond.

Discover the Benefits

Our technology sheds new light on the behavioral impact of pharmaceuticals, and the impact of behavioral health on efficacy.

Quantify Behavioral Health Risk

Address the Unseen

There’s more to a patient’s condition than meets the eye. With Polaris, you can harness the power of patient response throughout the clinical trial process to uncover critical insights related to the trial’s behavioral health impact on patients.

Monitor Patient Progress

Pre-Screen Trial Candidates

The quality of trial findings begins with knowing your sample. Leverage our technology to identify patient risks and predictive influencers before the trial begins, enabling you to identify ideal candidates and track drug efficacy relative to specific behavioral variables.

Improve the Patient Experience

Follow the Patient Experience

Improve the quality of trial findings by carefully monitoring patient experience. We enable pharma companies to engage patients beyond limited trial encounters, capturing endless insights through ongoing patient responses and analytics.


Understand Effectiveness

Measuring drug effectiveness continues long after the trial has ended. Following a drug’s entry into the market, Polaris helps pharma companies identify and track behavioral health effects, as well as thresholds that impact drug effectiveness.

Assess Needs

Assess Needs

In the wake of a significant wave of patent expiries, your success depends upon your ability to replenish your pipeline. Leverage our technology to conduct research and gain a better understanding of market needs.