Primary Care

Empowering Collaborative Behavioral Care in the Primary Care Setting

For primary care providers, Polaris facilitates the assessment, analysis and management of behavioral health as a routine part of every patient visit.

Recognizing the essential link between behavioral health and medical outcomes, and the importance of addressing behavioral conditions early, Polaris enables primary care providers to measure, monitor and manage behavioral health risk throughout the course of care.

Polaris’s response adaptive structure makes it appropriate for use on either a clinically-indicated basis or for universal screening. The system can be seamlessly integrated without increasing staff workload or disrupting workflows.

The system drives a measurable improvement to outcomes by facilitating earlier interventions and the delivery of targeted behavioral health services, lowering the likelihood that conditions will reach critical levels.

Polaris answers these key questions for primary care providers:

  • What behavioral health issues is my patient facing?
  • To whom should I refer my patient for behavioral support services?
  • How can I identify a patient’s behavioral health needs before they reach severe levels?
  • Which patients have experienced intimate partner violence—emotional, physical and/or sexual?
  • What information can I provide that is tailored specifically to my patient?

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