Addressing Behavioral Health Needs Amongst Women

Major depression affects women twice as often as men—with the highest rates occurring during reproductive and menopausal transition years. With an estimated one-third or more of women relying on OB/GYN physicians for primary care, the need is great for a time-efficient, dynamic tool that can support the assessment and management of behavioral health in the OB/GYN setting.

Polaris recognizes the delicate and essential link between behavioral health and medical outcomes. Our dynamic system intuitively measures behavioral health amongst patients and provides real-time insights for physicians to better identify needs, monitor progress and make more proactive interventions.

Polaris seamlessly integrates without increasing staff workload or disrupting workflow. The system helps organizations connect women to the behavioral health services they need, resulting in more impactful and cost-effective treatment overall.

Polaris answers these key questions for OB/GYN providers:

  • What behavioral health issues is my patient facing as she experiences conditions related to her gynecological care?
  • Which patients have experienced intimate partner violence—emotional, physical and/or sexual?
  • To whom should I refer my patient for behavioral support services?
  • How can I address all of my patient’s behavioral and mental health needs early on, improving outcomes and lowering the cost of treatment?

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