Emergency & Trauma

Reducing Avoidable Re-Admissions through Collaborative Behavioral Care

Reduce avoidable re-admissions, document their decrease, and direct patients to the care they need with Polaris, the unified system that enables efficient screening and referral for addiction and other behavioral health issues—all from within the emergency department or trauma center.

Referrals are based on identified need, insurance, proximity and specialty. Customize to promote in-house services and strengthen patient loyalty to your hospital system.

Polaris answers these key questions for emergency departments and trauma centers:

  • Which patients are facing untreated addiction and/or behavioral health conditions?
  • Which patients are currently experiencing intimate partner violence, or have in the past year?
  • To whom should I refer patients for treatment of these issues?
  • How can I reduce avoidable readmissions by better directing these patients to the care they need?