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As medical health continues to move toward more proactive, patient-centric and value-based care models, the need for an integrated approach to addressing behavioral health risk becomes increasingly essential. Behavioral health is intrinsically tied to physical health—profoundly relevant to cost, quality and outcomes.

Polaris empowers providers and their patients to conduct more informed and proactive care by quantifying, monitoring and managing behavioral health risk throughout the course of care.

Polaris enables providers and insurers to dramatically improve the value of their services through better patient engagement, lower costs of care, and a shorter duration of treatment to reach optimal outcomes.

Patients with high behavioral health risk complete assessments at regular intervals, giving therapists a structured flow of information to support clinical decisions, and effectively promote their patients continuing engagement.

As a result, patients miss fewer appointments, treatment becomes less expensive and time-intensive, and providers can deliver better care to a greater number of patients.

Susan Sargent, President,
Sargent Healthcare Management Advisors, LLC

Discover the Benefits

Making behavioral health a routine part of the treatment equation will transform efficiency, quality and outcomes for your health system or hospital.

Quantify Behavioral Health Risk

Quantify Behavioral Health Risk

Polaris gathers behavioral and medical health information from patients and electronic health records, then performs advanced analyses to quantify, monitor and better manage behavioral health risk throughout the course of care.

Leverage Symphony

See the Whole Picture

By bringing together behavioral and medical data, Polaris enables providers to form a 360-degree patient view, identify behavioral health conditions that may impact medical outcomes, and access powerful clinical decision support.

Assess Needs

Address Risk in Real-time

Identify psychosocial risk factors early and uncover needs in real-time, enabling more proactive interventions with a greater chance of recovery.

Unlock New Service Revenue

Maximize Your EHR Investment

Secure and HIPAA compliant, Polaris integrates with leading EHR systems, forming a two-way communication that enables providers to maximize the potential of existing EHR investments.

Improve Population Adherence

Improve Treatment Adherence

Research indicates that patients with unmet behavioral health needs tend to have lower treatment adherence. Better managing these conditions may help improve a patient’s response to treatment.

Improve the Patient Experience

Improve the Patient Experience

Enhance patient satisfaction, health literacy and quality of life by ensuring that all of their needs are being met—both medical and behavioral.

Lower Costs Improve Profitability

Build Revenue Streams

Build revenue streams within your system by referring patients to the care they need. Polaris’s dynamic referral engine considers a multitude of variables like insurance, provider preferences, proximity and specialty.

Support Improvement Initiatives

Inform System-Level Strategy

In addition to providing insight at the patient-level, Polaris delivers valuable population-level analysis in order to inform system-level strategy and shape new service lines.

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