Higher Education

Managing Behavioral Health in Student Populations

Polaris serves college counseling centers by supporting the identification and management of behavioral health issues. Developed in response to the high prevalence of distress and substance use disorder amongst students, our technology’s higher education capabilities maximize limited staff resources and constrained budgets.

Our system produces real-time reports highlighting problem areas and severity, and initiates the referral process, increasing the likelihood a student will seek the care he or she needs.

The system is secure, reliable and HIPAA compliant. Using Polaris’s intuitive interface, students may submit self-response data from the comfort of their dorm room. All scales are rooted in rigorous research funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Polaris answers these key questions for higher education institutions:

  • Which students are facing behavioral health issues that need treatment?
  • Which students are threats to themselves or others?
  • Which students are at risk for academic failure or dropout?