Measuring Progress, Tailoring Treatment, Improving Outcomes for Addiction Treatment Providers

Polaris has been nationally recognized for its ability to support substance use disorder (SUD) treatment providers. Our dynamic system makes use of in-facility and out-of-facility technologies to continuously measure, monitor and tailor treatment plans throughout the recovery process.

By incorporating measures designed explicitly to support clinical decision-making and quality improvement for substance abuse treatment programs, Polaris’s technology includes scales from the Addiction Severity Index. Reflecting the latest research in addiction care, the system supports the evidence-based Motivational Interviewing Technique and Patient-Services matching.

Polaris enables SUD providers to support better recovery by assessing and addressing individual patient needs at every stage of the recovery, and matching patients to the care that is right for them.

Polaris answers these key questions for SUD providers:

  • What services are most appropriate for this patient?
  • Is my patient‘s treatment working? Is progress satisfactory?
  • Is my patient at high risk for dropout or relapse? How can they be helped in order to maintain recovery?
  • Which patients are currently experiencing intimate partner violence, or have in the past year?
  • Is my patient motivated and ready for change?