Behavioral Health Facilities

Conducting Better Care for Behavioral Health Providers

When it comes to behavioral health, recovery rates are maximized by delivering the right treatment at the right time. But designing and adjusting an effective individualized course of treatment requires a systematic and ongoing measurement of progress.

Polaris empowers behavioral health providers and their clients by quantifying, monitoring and managing behavioral health progress throughout the course of care.

Discover the Benefits

Systematically tailoring care will transform quality and recovery rates within your practice.

Monitor Patient Progress

Quantify Behavioral Health Progress

Polaris gathers behavioral health information from patients and care records, then performs advanced analyses to quantify, track and better manage behavioral health progress from diagnosis through recovery.

Share in Mission

Deliver Individualized Care

Systematically monitor patient responsiveness to treatment in order to better align treatment plans with patient needs, and maximize the cost effectiveness of treatment.

Quantify Behavioral Health Risk

Understand Patient Risk Factors

Identify risk factors early, and utilize predictive analytics to set benchmarks for each patient’s targeted recovery.

Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate

Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate

Streamline communications between you and your patients by sharing knowledge. Ensure that all members of the care team are “in the loop.”

Improve the Patient Experience

Enhance the Patient Experience

Enhance patient satisfaction, health literacy and quality of life by ensuring that all of their behavioral health needs are being met—in and out of the office.

Increase Competitive Advantage

Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes

Ensure that all patient needs are being met throughout the recovery process, including those that can increase the risk of relapse, dropout or other poor outcomes.

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