How We Add Value

Powerful Functionality, Universal Relevance

Collaborative behavioral care technology should be part of the equation for every specialty, setting and stakeholder. Behavioral health’s impact on cost, efficiency and outcomes makes it universally relevant and valuable.

Conducting Better Care for All

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Health Systems & Hospitals

For medical health providers, Polaris automates the measurement, monitoring and management of behavioral health related risk—improving care quality, cost effectiveness and outcomes.

behavioral health facilities
Behavioral Health Facilities

For behavioral health providers, Polaris provides an opportunity to measure and monitor treatment effectiveness—better tailoring care to patient needs and, ultimately, improving outcomes.

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Payers & Insurance

With Polaris, payers are able to better quantify and account for behavioral health risk, while tapping into valuable analytics that have a direct impact on the cost of patient care.

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Polaris offers telemedicine providers the opportunity to derive additional service revenue by becoming part of Polaris’s robust referral network.

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Technology Providers

With seamless integration functionality, Polaris works with best-of-breed technologies and data aggregators to deliver the maximum value to their customers.

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Accountable Care Organizations

Polaris enables ACOs to more effectively coordinate care, tailor service lines to patient needs, generate revenue and achieve true accountability.

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As an active champion for industry advancement, Polaris lends its system to dedicated researchers to facilitate discovery and breakthrough.

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During drug development, Polaris closely follows the patient experience, while shedding light on essential behavioral health components that can be easily overlooked.

Quantifying The Value

24 Percent

Reduce the cost of care by 24 percent.

3 Times

Achieve outcomes 3 times faster.

16 Percent

 Improve outcomes by 16 percent.

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