A Catalyst for Life Saving Change


Polaris Health Directions, in collaboration with Point Guard Media, The Anthony Group, Vovéo Marketing Group and Enable Consulting, and in affiliation with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, has built a mobile application for law enforcement who may be struggling with mental and behavioral health issues, and at risk for suicide. The five Philadelphia area based companies started this effort in 2013 and have donated their time and resources to this first phase of the initiative.

The heart of the APP is the film, BLUE, originally conceived to create greater public awareness of the suicide epidemic among law enforcement, and as a catalyst for training programs for police departments across the country. As part of a technology-enabled system, the film can now easily be delivered to a nationwide audience and together with the APP’s other components create an interactive community of law enforcement personnel to support monitoring, evaluating and sustaining the emotional and behavioral well-being of police.

Along with the film, the APP includes a confidential self-assessment for mental and behavioral health, delivered by Polaris, that triggers supportive, tailored messaging. The APP also shares the findings of a comprehensive, five-year IACP study on police suicide, along with best training practices to avert suicide. A progressive set of tools and resources specifically developed for law enforcement will be part of the APP’s next generation.

Ultimately, the APP will be available to the approximately 700,000 police officers employed in North America and their families.

BLUE debuted in October in Orlando, Fla., at the annual IACP conference.

For further information, please visit or view this informational flyer.