Considering Partner Violence in the Addiction Treatment Setting

Integrated Care

Vital for Providers: The Top 6 Reasons You Need BHI

A few weeks ago, we released a blog post focused on BHI, the sixth vital indicator of patient wellbeing. Our proprietary BHI is an essential addition to the vital mix…

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Impairment Score: Embracing the 6th Vital Sign

A patient goes to the doctor’s office, sits down on the examination table, and has their vitals taken⎯ body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and pain. In a matter…
Remote Consultation Substance Use

Integrated Care

Powerful for Payers: The Value of Collaborative Behavioral Care

Concurrent behavioral and physical health conditions are debilitating to the individual, and costly to the health care system, with a substantial negative impact on medical outcomes. And the payer feels…
Measuring the Outcomes That Matter Header

Meaningful Data

Delivering Value-Based Care by Measuring the Outcomes That Matter

The value-based care model is focused on achieving the outcomes that matter to patients, while controlling costs and maximizing efficiency for providers. A paradigm shift in health care delivery, the…
Animating Vision for Integrated Health

Behavioral Health

Whitepaper: Animating Beacon’s Vision for Integrated Health Care

In its recent whitepaper, Integration, Polaris Health Directions’ (Polaris) partner and customer, Beacon Health Options, has illustrated an effective way forward for the integration of behavioral and medical health care.…
NIH Awards Two New Grants

Medical Health

NIH Awards Polaris Two New Grants Focused on Integrated Care in Oncology and Emergency Medicine

Polaris Health Directions is pleased to announce the funding of two new research grants from the National Institutes of Health. In parallel to Polaris’s Polestar™ behavioral health outcomes platform, these…
Remote Consultation Substance Use

Medical Health

Polaris, UMass Research Shows Promise for Remote Consultation Service for Substance Use

Emergency departments may handle upwards of five million visits related to substance misuse or abuse per year. Providing substance use screening and effective intervention taxes the already demanding emergency department…
Patient Engagement in Addiction Critical

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement Critical in Addiction Treatment

Polaris Health Directions and Kaiser Permanente Southern California are collaborating on a project that uses innovative technologies to strengthen patient engagement and support the adoption of evidence-based practices in addiction…
Coordinating Care Addressing Distress Paramount to Success

Medical Health

Coordinating Care, Addressing Distress Paramount to Supporting Breast Cancer Survivors, Says Polaris Scientist

Transitioning from being a breast cancer patient to being a breast cancer survivor can be an anxious, difficult time. The Institute of Medicine recommends the development of a plan to…