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The members of our team are respected thought leaders in behavioral health. Explore some of their recent publications, posts and presentations below for a glimpse into the minds that power our science.

Remote Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment: Design, Feasibility and Acceptability
36th annual meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine
April 2015
Authors: Boudreaux, E.D., Haskins, B., Bernstein, E., Ziedonis, D., Grissom, G.

Improving Engagement in Addiction Treatment: Translating Addiction Research into Evidence-based Practice
HMO Research Network Conference
March 2015
Authors: Hechter, R., Sangsland S., Grissom, G., Carter, C., Jervey, C., Koon, S., Hooker, A.

Technology-enabled Type 1 Diabetes Education and Support (T1DES) system
14th Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting
November 7, 2014
Authors: Lipman, T.H., Harralson, Mawson, T., Hooker, A., Dietzen, L., Trimble, D., Willi, S.M., Murphy, K.M.

Predictors of Psychological Distress and Interest in Mental Health Services in Individuals with Cancer
Journal of Health Psychology
September 2014
Authors: O’Hea, E.L., Monahan, B.R., Cutillo, A., Person, S.D.,  Grissom, G., Boudreaux, E.D.

A Randomized Clinical Trial of the Health Evaluation and Referral Assistant (HERA): Research Methods
Contemporary Clinical Trials
July 2013
Authors: Boudreaux, E.D., Abar B., Baumann B.M., Grissom, G.

Revolutionizing Child Welfare with Outcomes Management
Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research
July 2013
Authors: Toche-Manley, LL., Dietzen, L., Nankin, J., Beigel, A.

Randomized Control Trial to Test a Computerized Psychosocial Cancer Assessment and Referral Program: Methods and Research Design
Contemporary Clinical Trials
May 2013
Authors: O’Hea, E.L., Cutillo, A., Dietzen L., Harralson, T., Boudreaux, E.D.

The Computer-Assisted Brief Intervention for Tobacco (CABIT) Program: A Pilot Study
Journal of Medical Internet Research
December 2012
Authors: Boudreaux, E.D.,  Bedek K.L., Byrne N.J., Baumann B.M., Lord S.A., Grissom, G.

The Polaris-MH
Integrating Science and Practice, 2(2): 32-35
November 2012
Authors: Grissom, G., Harralson, T., Nankin, J.

Are Two Voices Better Than One? Predicting Permanency in Minority Youth Using Multi-informant Mental Health and Strength Data
The Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research
May 2012
Authors: Toche-Manley, L.L., Dietzen, L., Nankin, J., Beigel, A.

Initial Development of the Mental Health Assessment and Dynamic Referral for Oncology (MHADRO)
Journal of Psychosocial Oncology
Authors: Boudreaux, E.D., O’Hea, E.L., Grissom, G., Lord, S.A., Houseman, J., Grana, G.

Translating Addictions Research into Evidence-Based Practice: The Polaris CD Outcomes Management System
Addictive Behaviors
June 2011
Authors: Toche-Manley, L., Grant Grissom, Dietzen, L., Sangsland, S.

Improving IPV Outcomes by Effective Use of Innovative Technology to Affect Women’s Schema of Victimization
15th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma, San Diego, CA
Authors: Toche-Manley, L.L.

Efficient and Effective: Getting a Service Mix to Youth and Families That Makes a Difference!
6th Annual CANS Conference: Producing Outcomes, Encouraging Best Practices and Building Families, San Francisco, CA
Authors: Dunn, B., Toche-Manley, L.L.

Translating Research Into Evidence-Based Treatment Planning and Monitoring: the Substance Abuse Treatment Support System
Addictions 2010 National Conference, Arlington, VA
October 2010
Authors: Grissom, G., Toche-Manley, L.L., Hix, C. (Kaiser Permanente)

Development, Operating Characteristics and Clinical Implementation of an Evidence-based Model for Alerting Counselors to Risk for Dropout
Addictions 2010 National Conference, Arlington, VA
October 2010
Authors: Dietzen, L., Alonzo, G., Grissom, G.

The Dynamic Assessment and Referral System for Substance Abuse (DARSSA): Development, Functionality, and End-user Satisfaction
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 99(1-3): 37-46
January 1, 2009
Authors: Boudreaux E.D., Bedek K.L., Gilles D., Baumann B.M., Hollenberg S., Lord S.A., Grissom G.

Good for the Women or the Children? Changing the Way We View and Fund Treatment in Abused Families
Article Invitation: HAT ezine for Women’s Health
May 2008
Authors: Toche-Manley, L.L.

Economic Benefit of Chemical Dependency Treatment to Employers
Journal of Substsance Abuse Treatment, 34(3): 311-9
April 2008
Authors: Jordan, N., Grissom, G., Alonzo, G., Dietzen, L., Sangsland, S.

Recovery Outcome Management System (ROMS): Combining ANSA with Consumer Self-Report
J. S. Lyons & D. A. Weiner (Eds.) Behavioral Health Care: Assessment, Service Panning, and Total Clinical Outcomes Management, Kingston, NJ: Civic Research Institute
Authors: Toche-Manley, L.L., Grissom, G.

Screening for Depression: This is the Heart of the Matter
Archives of Internal Medicine, 165(11), 1214-1216
Authors: Grissom, G., Phillips, R.

Using Outcome Data to Create Clinical Change: Foundations and Example
Child and Youth Care Forum, 33(1), 51-67
Authors: Toche-Manley, L.L., Nankin, M., Dietzen, L.

Equivalence of a Computer and Paper-and-Pencil Mental Health Survey Among Individuals with Mental Disorders
Psychiatric Services, 55(11), 1315-1317
Authors: Eisen, S.V., Toche-Manley, L.L., Grissom, G.

Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant: Development of an Outcome Management System Based on the Dose Model and Phase Theory of Psychotherapy
Journal of Psychotherapy Research, 12(4), 397-412
Authors: Grissom, G.R., Lyons, J. & Lutz, W.

Assessing Treatment Progress of Individual Patients Using Expected Treatment Response Models
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Vol. 69, 150-158
Authors: Lueger, R.J., Howard, K.I., Martinovich, Z., Lutz, W., Anderson, E.E., & Grissom, G.

Matching Substance Abuse Patients to Services
Dickey, B. and Sederer, L. (Eds.) Achieving Quality in Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services. Wash. D.C: American Psychiatric Press, Inc.
Authors: Grissom, G.

The Advent of Outcomes Management and the Culture of Measurement
Behavioral Outcomes and Guidelines Sourcebook. New York: Faulkner and Gray
Authors: Grissom, G.

Problem-Service ‘Matching’ in Addiction Treatment
Archives of General Psychiatry, 54(4)
Authors: McLellan, A.T., Grissom, G.

Treatment Outcomes in Inpatient and Substance Abuse Programs
Psychiatric Annals, 27(2)
Authors: Grissom, G.

Changing Clinician’s Practice Patterns and Managed Care Culture with Outcomes Systems
Psychiatric Annals, 27(2)
Authors: Sperry, L., Grisson, G.

Treatment Outcomes in Psychotherapy and Psychiatric Interventions
New York: Brunner/Mazel
Authors: Sperry, L., Brill, P., Howard, K., Grissom, G.

Private Substance Abuse Treatment: Are Some Programs More Effective than Others?
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Vol. 10, 254-254
Authors: McLellan, A.T., Grissom, G.