Polaris Innovation Lab

Today’s Health Care Breakthroughs, Tomorrow’s Answers

Polaris Innovation Lab is the research and product development engine of Polaris Health Directions, fueling innovation for Polaris and possibilities for the entire health care field.

Traditional, segregated health care is quickly being replaced by a bright and connected health care ecosystem that is patient-centric, insight-empowered and outcomes-driven. Founded upon the principles of actionable data and comprehensive, collaborative behavioral health care, Polaris Innovation Lab is developing the innovations driving forward this change.

Building upon nearly two decades of rigorous NIH-funded research conducted in partnership with preeminent universities and hospital systems, Polaris Innovation Lab aligns best-of-breed technologies and behavioral health science with stakeholder needs to develop innovations that solve health care’s most pressing challenges.

Polaris Innovation Lab brings together scientists, clinicians, designers, and engineers to conceptualize and shape technologies that can make a measurable impact on care.

Mark Redlus, SVP
Polaris Innovation Lab