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    POLARIS HEALTH DIRECTIONS develops and markets behavioral health outcomes assessment and management systems to help deliver better health outcomes at a reduced cost. Polaris systems are designed for use by health care providers, managed care organizations, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies, and focus on addressing the impact mental health conditions have on physical health and an individual’s welfare. These solutions help Polaris's clients identify, monitor and address psychosocial and behavioral health conditions to curb long-term health effects and costs. 

    Polaris's products have been developed with nearly $12 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health. These funding awards are highly competitive and require both scientific and conceptual excellence. In addition, Polaris has invested several million dollars of its own funds for commercialization and product enhancement.

    Polaris, founded in 1997 by Dr. Grant Grissom, Dr. Ken Howard and Martin Nankin, is a privately owned organization based in Pennsylvania. Dr. Howard was a pioneer of the movement to use data to manage and improve treatment outcomes. Among his many achievements, Dr. Howard was internationally recognized for his foundational research in mental health treatment outcomes, including the Dose and Phase models of psychotherapy, and derivation of the breakthrough Expected Treatment Response (ETR) curve, which is incorporated into many of Polaris’s products. 

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