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Behavioral Health Impairment Score:
The Sixth Vital Sign

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We make patients healthier and systems more profitable through collaborative behavioral care technology.

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We empower patients to become active participants in their care.

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We partner with leading providers to orchestrate more proactive care.

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Our technology is setting a new standard for cost, efficiency and outcomes.

24 percent reduction in cost
Reduce the cost of care by 24 percent.

3x improved time to outcomes
Achieve outcomes 3 times faster.

16 percent improvement to outcomes
Improve outcomes by 16 percent.

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Quantum benefits, made possible by Polaris

Polaris transforms behavioral health insights into higher quality, more profitable care. Here’s how:

  • Capture Information: Gather pertinent behavioral and medical information to build a 360-degree view of the patient.
  • Coordinate Care: Identify high risk patients so members of the care team can quickly respond.
  • Inform Stakeholders: Deliver quick-hitting information to stakeholders, enabling them to track progress throughout the course of care.
  • Impact Outcomes: Treat patients earlier, head off risk at the pass, and make a measurable improvement to outcomes.
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emPowering More Engaged, Informed Breast Cancer Care

Learn more about emPower, the study harnessing behavioral health science and Apple Watch to transform breast cancer care.

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Animating Beacon’s Vision for Integrated Care

Discover how Polaris is helping to animate Beacon Health Options’ vision for cross-functional, integrated health care.

Discover the Florida Outcomes Pilot »

Hit It Out of the Park With Collaborative Behavioral Care Technology

Download our infographic and learn how your health system can harness Polaris and our proprietary Behavioral Health Index (BHI) to change the game and realize better outcomes.

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hit it out of the park with collaborative behavioral care



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Compliance Quick Guide

Learn about the most recent compliance mandates, and how Polaris's State of Health Solution can help you meet them while also serving your patients more efficiently and effectively than ever before.



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Polaris is Backed by Technology and Health Investor, Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP) approves Polaris Health Directions for investment. As one of 3 companies receiving investment funding in the Health space, Polaris furthers their mission to have every patient assessed, every visit.


Considering Partner Violence in the Addiction Treatment Setting

Integrated Care

Vital for Providers: The Top 6 Reasons You Need BHI

A few weeks ago, we released a blog post focused on BHI, the sixth vital indicator of patient wellbeing. Our proprietary BHI is an essential addition to the vital mix…
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